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Doug Collins

May 29, 2001

You probably saw it yourself on TV: 500 screaming East Indians hurling Molotov cocktails at the police, some of whom were running away with their clothes on fire. Pubs smashed up, cars turned over and burnt, Whites frightened for their lives.

It was the second night of race rioting in Oldham, near Manchester, England, and the worst seen since the mid-1980s. But it gave me an inverted smile. Haroon Siddiqui, described as the Toronto Star's editor emeritus, had recently written a piece about the U.K. headed, "Blair leading Britain to multicultural chic."

He meant Tony Blair, the prime minister for whom no ethnic bum is too low to kiss. Not that he is alone. During the current election campaign, every party leader has been at pains to denounce "racism", by which is meant any comment that disputes the joys of multicult.

It is true that Tory leader William Hague had stated that the never-ceasing flood of refugees could convert Britain into a foreign land, but he immediately denounced one of his MPs who said that immigration was destroying traditional Britain and that the British were becoming a mongrel race. And Hague had told Asians in Bradford, another immigrant-thick city in which there had been loud murmurs of discontent, that everyone was welcome in the Conservative Party.

A poll taken last October, however, showed that two-thirds of British adults believe that there are too many immigrants in the country. Not that anyone takes any notice of them. They are only "the people", whom the politicians claim to represent but who can safely be ignored, just like in Canada.

Enoch Powell

Oldham itself could not be ignored. It recalled the speech Enoch Powell mad in the 1960s in which he predicted that rivers of blood would flow if immigration policies continued unchecked . a speech that got him fired from Tory leader Edward Heath's cabinet.

There were the usual hints in the press that name-calling and discrimination were responsible for what the rioters did. And the mayor of Oldham, concerned perhaps for his own safety, claimed with others that "extremists" ( meaning members of the small British National Party, which is anti-immigration ) had a part in what happened. 

But it wasn't the BNP that set Oldham on fire, and the rioters could hardly be metamorphosed into Whites.

Extremism? It was politicians, beginning with the post-war Labor Party, that embraced extremist policies by letting the world into Britain. As in Canada, everyone is "equal", whether they are terrorists from Sri Lanka or blacks in the great democracy of Haiti.

A search of comments in the British press yielded not a single admission that the immigration policy was a disaster or that Britain had had enough. The Independent said that what was needed was public investment in the social infrastructure. In other words, immigrants who think they are hard done by should in one way or another have more money thrown at them.

The Times played the same fiddle. Don't worry, it said in effect. What happened in Oldham was not typical. Give these people more jobs and better schools. That would make them immune from "the poisonous incitements of racists and extremists".

The riots, plus the creation of "no-go" areas and vicious attacks on elderly Whites in Oldham are presumably not poisonous or racist. In The Times' view, obviously, only Whites can be that way. But it would be interesting to see whether the editor of The Times would change his mind if he had been having a drink in the ironically-named Live and Let Live pub in Oldham, one of the many that were trashed and their customers beaten up by the rioters.

He does not seem to be concerned, either, that according to police reports, 70 per cent of racial attacks in Oldham over the past eight years have been against Whites, a figure that is even more significant considering the lower number of East Indians resident there.

A few common-sense voices have been heard. Lord Tebbit, the former Tory chairman, has stated that Oldham has once again demonstrated that multicultural societies do not work. In The Spectator magazine, the celebrated author and certainly non-racist Paul Johnson stated before the riots:

"I weep for Old England being hustled unceremoniously off the a succession of misfortunes, crass changes, and an invasion across our White Walls on a scale unknown since the English themselves came in the 5th and 6th centuries."

Blair & Co. say that the British are no longer a nation, never have been, and that they must now be careful of the language they use when talking about immigration. Similarly, we in Canada were told by Madame Feinstein, I think it was, that there is no such thing as a Canadian culture.

Such is the creed of the multicultists. No wonder Blair got such a good reception when he visited Ottawa.


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