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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

May 15, 2001

Like God, England is dead. And it is unlikely that there will be a resurrection. The forces of liberalism and socialism are too strong. There is a sliding scale of free speech, the country is inundated with aliens, and it has handed over its sovereignty to a bunch of socialists in Brussels who call themselves the European Union.

Some of that decline in what was once a great nation reflects what is going on in the rest of the Western world, including Canada. But for me, who was born in what was once Great Britain, it is a miserable thing to watch. Typically, a cabinet minister states that the British are not a race. Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave.

In proof thereof, the minister gloats that the favorite food is now East Indian. Not to be outdone, Labor councillors in Birmingham have voted in favor of renaming the part of the city known as Balsall Heath as "Apna Town" Punjabi for "Our Town". In London, where one in five people belong to the minorities, the Metropolitan Police proudly announce that Muslim women officers may now wear hijab head scarves.

Most commentators fail to comment on such things, for fear, no doubt, of being branded with the dreaded racist label. So do the politicians. An exception was a Tory MP who dared to declare that immigration was diluting the homogeneous Anglo-Saxon society and turning it into a mongrel race. That he was right made him wrong, of course. He was immediately demonized by the media, disowned by his party leader, and forced to apologize.

Yet in Oldham, Bradford, and Manchester there are "no go" Asian areas in which it is dangerous for whites to walk. In Oldham, whites were the victims in 60 per cent of over 570 racial attacks, a greatly disproportionate number when population levels are considered. One Daily Telegraph columnist did have had the courage to point out that mass immigration was overturning a society from what it had been for centuries, but there are few such voices.

Immigration isn't Britain's only woe. Crime in London now far exceeds that in New York. "England tops crime league," read the headline over a story that more than one in four people in England and Wales had become victims of crime. and surprise! it was also reported that more than a quarter of those accused of crimes in London were black. Again a disproportionate number.

Prime Minister Tony Blair seems to be the country's leading lunatic, in spite of which, it seems, the socialists will soon be reelected. He was keen to bomb Belgrade back to the stone age, for instance, but not so keen to stop IRA terrorism. 

Under his agreement with that lot, killers by the dozen have been released from jail, including the man who murdered Lord Mountbatten. In return, the IRA was supposed to give up its weapons. That was over two years ago, but so far not a single gun has been handed over. I don't believe that even our Canadian freaks could get away with such a stunt.

Sovereignty? What's that? The British pound will soon be subsumed into the Euro, although Blair is waiting for reelection before completing the dirty deed. Meanwhile, an English greengrocer has become a cause celebre for selling a pound of bananas instead of half a kilo, as directed by the people in Brussels.

He has massive support from the public, it is true. Even today's British worms will sometimes turn. But that didn't prevent him from being prosecuted. As the judge in the case stated, he had broken the law and "Parliament had surrendered its sovereignty to the primacy of European law" when the U.K. joined the European Union in 1972.

The latest scandal is that the European Court of Human Rights has awarded 10,000, plus costs, to each of the families of eight Irish terrorists killed by the SAS when a police station was attacked in 1987. Their plan was to blow up the station and shoot any survivors. Weapons found at the scene were later linked to eight murders and 33 shootings. But the rights maniacs say the cases were not properly investigated.

Free speech? Not in England. The immigrants who dominate the race relations tribe are not too keen on it. So be careful if you are in a British pub in some areas and are inclined to making remarks deemed as racist. You may be overheard by police who have been sent in plain clothes to listen in and catch the offenders. I am not making this up.

There's always be an England? I don't think so.

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