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Doug Collins

May 6, 2001

Michael Coren writes for the Sun newspapers and does some radio work in Ontario. Never met the guy. On occasion, though, I have seen his portentous scribblings. And then I switch on the Internet and see that he has been talking about me although not by name he having seen my item on Izzy Asper's now being the biggest force in the Canadian media.

Of partly Jewish descent himself, but a Christian, Coren asks what is so special about Jews, that they occupy so much attention. As he says, they come in many shapes, right wing, left wing, good and bad.

Shylock put it rather better in The Merchant of Venice:

"Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?...If your prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?"

Yes. But it is also true that Jewish organizations still want their pound of flesh, in the form of power used to stifle dissent. When I wrote a column headed "Hollywood Propaganda" the Canadian Jewish Congress bitched mightily and I found myself up before a so-called human rights tribunal. Other columns led to a second complaint from a B'Nai B'rith freedom lover. Both groups saw my stuff as "hate literature" but didn't dare make complaints under the hate provisions of the Criminal Code. They preferred a kangaroo court that takes account of "hurt feelings".

As for the Aspers, they recently fired the newspaper publisher and his executive editor who had defended my right to free expression. This even though I had retired from print journalism. (Never forget, never forgive.)

The story was broken in another paper under the headline "Welcome to Izzy's world", that world being, as the writer reported, one in which my name should not be mentioned in the North Shore News, and in which editors across the country had been told what they could publish and what they could not.

Coren admitted that he didn't know what it was all about, which leads one to ask why, in that case, he would write about it. Nevertheless, he suggested that certain baddies were beyond the pale, and seemed to forget that the Aspers had apparently put Israel and the CRTC on the "do not disturb list", Izzy being pro-Israel and having big broadcasting interests.

So much for Coren's views on media freedom. Nor does it worry him that groups who claim to speak for Jews are the biggest single threat to free speech in Canada. They also lust to control the Internet. How terrible that the peasants should be able to avoid the censorship and biases of the Aspers!

Here in what used to be British Columbia, Jews had a major role in setting up the most menacing anti-free speech laws in the country. It was thanks to their efforts, too, to that our Canadian federal hate laws came into being thirty years ago.

What is hate? It's what the pressure groups and their allies say it is. Mind you, it's all right for some people to be hateful but not for others.

Over sixty years after the start of World War Two, octogenarian Germans are being hounded as war criminals, a process encouraged by Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan, a Jewish gal who likes to castigate members of the opposition party as racists, bigots, and holocaust deniers. Which makes me wonder why she ain't up for hate, too. And let's not forget the Jewish philosophy prof who told my second tribunal that I am the spokesman for the (non-existent) neo-Nazi movement in North Vancouver. He and Hedy Fry probably take tea together.

Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish author and academic who wrote the block-busting book, The Holocaust Industry, is denounced by a World Jewish Congress spokesman as a Jewish anti-Semite. His offence? Exposing holocaust financial claims as a racket. Lucky thing for him that he isn't a Canadian. If he were, he would find himself in court or up before the rights maniacs.

That reminds me. There has recently been a big fuss in North Vancouver about A.R. Butz's The Hoax of the Twentieth Century being in the library. A Jewish gent wanted it burned, or at least tossed into the garbage can. He said it was hate literature, even though there isn't a hateful word in it.Conversely, his kind see nothing wrong with the book "Hitler's Willing Executioners," in which all Germans are seen as killers.

Hear this, Coren old boy. The right to say the "right things" is no right at all. And when you next take up this subject, try to find out what it's all about.


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