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Joerg Haider

Doug Collins

Feb 23, 2000

As Margaret Thatcher said when she was bounced from the prime ministry in the Dis-United Kingdom, “it’s a funny old world.”

True. Consider the wails that went heavenward when Joerg Haider the Devil King arrived in this country. Crikey! cried the Jews. “It’s the Erlkönig!* don’t let him into the Holocaust museum. You never know what ideas he might get!

What has the fellow done? Set up a concentration camp? Invaded Slovakia? Bombed Belgrade? No. But it looks as if he might get rid of that socialist clique in Vienna. Hence the chorus of protest from the socialist cliques in London, Brussels and other burgs.

Moshe Ronen on Haider

"The Holocaust is not only the worst crime of the 20th century, it is one of the most monstrous crimes in the whole history of mankind. Anyone who does not say this clearly and unambiguously is unsuitable to be entrusted with any responsible public position, either national or international."
- Moshe Ronen, President of the Canadian Jewish Congress,
National Post, February 18, 2000

It’s funny, too, that Israel can bomb the b’Jasus out of Lebanon without being hauled on the carpet. It can also occupy Southern Lebanon for 20 years and do considerable ethnic cleansing in what used to be Palestine without Holy Roller politicians getting their knickers in a knot.

And wasn’t it only last Sept. that Israel made the torture of Palestinian prisoners illegal? But as the Canadian Jewish Congress spokesman said, a little torture in time of war is, unfortunately, understandable.

"Torture is a sad albeit at times necessary part of war."
- Bernie Farber, Executive Director (Ontario Region), Canadian Jewish Congress

It was Israel that led the charge against the Austrian, quickly followed by its satellite state, the U.S., with not-too-bright Mrs. Albright reading the text, just as she did when all those humanitarian bombs were being dropped on Serbia.

It appears that saying the SS were a decent bunch and had character, and that Hitler got rid of unemployment, warrants a sin rating on the political Richter scale. But bombs and such-like are OK.

Raefel Eitan, former Armed Forces Chief of Staff in Israel, could call Palestinians “cockroaches scurrying in a bottle.” Menachem Begin, the terrorist who became prime minister, could say they were “two-legged animals.” Also, he was good at pouring people down wells, as at Deir Yassin. But he could come to Canada and the U.S. for fund-raising, while Haider gets the pariah treatment.

Yet Haider’s stuff is nothing but fluff and duff.

Then there are all those philosophers huffers in Brussels — the Socialist New World Order yelpers who seek a United States of Europe, with themselves taking turns as president and nationalism rendered extinct. Haider thinks they’re a bunch of leftist loonies. So do I.

Even worse is that he’s against Austria being flooded by immigrants, who now account for one in eight of his small country’s population.

That's another funny thing: nearly all of the cowed native folk of Europe are against the kind of immigration they’re getting, as are the cowed populations of Canada and the U.S. But in our managed democracies that doesn’t count.

More racist comment. One of Haider’s top critics — President Chirac of France — once said that immigrants from North Africa were “noisy, stinking welfare cheats.”

There marches a champion hypocrite.

And how about the politically pure president of the good old U.S. of A. — the cigar-fancier. And let’s not forget Tony Blair, who shakes hands with and offers tea at No 10 Downing Street to Gerry Adams, the Irish terrorist who has dropped his dirty jeans and now wears snappy suits.

If Haider took tea with terrorists and let hundreds of killers out of the clink in the name of glasnost the sky would fall. But Tony and his toadies are OK even if Earl Mountbatten’s killer is now roaming the streets.

Over in New York, there’s a real laugh-riot. John Rocker the baseball guy says he feels like a foreigner in that city, what with all those strange people jabbering away in tongues. Also, he doesn’t like riding the subway with guys who have blue-dyed hair and rings in their noses, and queers with AIDs.

Very reasonable. But not for the Asbestos, Lead, and Hazardous Waste Laborers’ Union. In their view, Rocker is hazardous waste. So he’s hauled off to the psycho ward for a brainwashing session.

Rocker for mayor of New York, I say. And Haider for president of Austria. Or perhaps we could get him to come over here as a refugee and make him Governor General. We did, after all, allow that leftist fem to come here from Hong Kong who now preens herself as Governess General.

You want some real comedy? Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy tells Haider to keep his repugnant thoughts to himself while he’s in Canada. But he had no objection to welcoming a bunch of dictators and desperadoes from Africa to that Francophone conference down East.

We are being asked to boycott Austria. Me, I wanna go there for a holiday. They have the best Wienerschnitzel and Sachertorten in the world. They also have a guy who’s upsetting the New World Order.

*Erlkönig: A goblin who lures little children to the land of death.


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