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Doug Collins

April 26, 2001

If you are interested in what's going on in this vale of tears, say a little prayer of thanks for the Internet. It's true, of course, that it carries a lot of garbage, but so do the regular media.

Without the Net I would never have seen the downing of Conrad Black in the Taki affair by Britain's Lord Gilmour. "Taki" as I mentioned in a previous piece, writes a column in The [London] Spectator and caused Black to start chewing carpets. He had written that thanks to the Jewish penetration of Washington the Israelis knew more about U.S. Air Force activities than the Pentagon did, but that America.was "not yet territory occupied by those nice guys [in Israel] who attack rock-throwing youths with armour-piercing missiles".

Black's carpet-chewing took the form of a vicious article in the magazine, which he owns, unfortunately. He claimed that Taki was a racist and an anti-Semite (where have I heard that before?!) and that what he had written was "almost worthy of Dr. Goebbels". Black also vilified Robert Fisk, the Independent's Middle East correspondent, the BBC, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, and the British Foreign Office, all of whom were "rabidly anti-Israel". Never fear, though. Justice would be done in Black's publications. In other words, the editors of his empire had better be nice to Israel.

Lord Gilmour is a former owner of The Spectator and was also a minister in the Thatcher government.Taki's column, he declared in The Independent, was "wholly innocuous". If Black didn't like it he could have picked up the phone and expressed his displeasure, or have written Taki a note. "Unfortunately," he stated, "Black fancies himself as writer — mistakenly, as his writing is ponderous and bombastic."

From his "bizarre, childish and unethical" attack on Taki, Gilmour continued, "it can be gathered that Mr. Black is not a very good judge of these matters. Both he and his wife [Barbara Amiel] are almost fanatical, if under-informed, Zionists, whose credo is ‘My Israel right or wrong', and they regard any criticism of that country as a demonstration of fierce anti-Israel bias."

He also pointed out that Black owns hundreds of papers including the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post, which latter paper, "to the great detriment of Israel, he has converted into one of the most rabid Jewish publications in the English language".

The carpet-chewer has sold most of his Canadian holdings to Izzy Asper of CanWest-Global, but retains a half-share in the National Post, which is every bit as biased as the Jerusalem Post. Asper has already shown in which direction his empire should steer. The result is that Zionist control of the media in this country is now pretty well on a par with that in the U.S. Needless to say, no one in our weak-kneed mainstream media has pointed that out.

What does Jewish control mean? Lord Gilmour quotes the Independent's Robert Fisk:

"No newspaper in America, except for some very small ones, now dares to put the Palestinian side of the case.They are all in thrall to Israel, and the chief reason why they are in such an ignominious position is that the Israeli lobby has succeeded in equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. And that, of course, is pernicious nonsense."

There is more enlightened comment on the Palestinians' plight in the Israeli press, says Gilmour, than there is in the American, and "even though the pretence that critics of Israel are anti-Semites is a transparent fraud, it has proved to be an enormously successful blackmailing tool." The most sinister feature of Black's recent activity, he adds, is that Black is seeking to achieve the same situation in Britain.

Locally, an example of Black's bias was shown in his refusal to back the North Shore News here in Vancouver when he owned it. He never lifted a finger to fight the Jewish "human rights" attacks on free speech that I and the paper had to face. Neither financially nor editorially. He and his cohort David Radler let the paper struggle against the Jewish pressure groups and the provincial government on our own. It was only because we had a brave publisher — Mr. Peter Speck — plus concerned members of the public, that the human rights maniacs could be taken on.

The Aspers have now fired both Mr. Speck and the executive editor. But the fight for free expression is continuing. No thanks to Izzy Asper. Nor to Black, Amiel, and Radler.

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