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Doug Collins

March 29, 2001

This has been an exciting couple of weeks, what with Hedy Fry of the burning crosses department, the witch-hunting Vancouver Sun and its "anti-Semitic" scare stories, plus media mogul Conrad Black and his perfervid pro-Zionist stance.

Fry takes the Nobel Prize for lying, of course, which is why she's taken second place only to Jean Cretin himself on the news pages. That she could say that crosses were being burnt on Prince George lawns "even as I speak" makes her a case for the men in white coats. But one shouldn't be surprised. She's a star of the liberal left and is always yakking on about "racism", by which she means anyone who doesn't want to see the country flooded by the likes of her.

She's a super-fem who arrived here from Trinidad, became president of the B.C. Medical Association, was elected to parliament (by nit-wits in Vancouver Centre, the homo capital of the West Coast) was chosen by Cretin to become our loony Minister for Multicult, and yet natters night and day about "racism".

If this country is racist, how did she get where she is? But one might put the same question to our Sikh Premier, Ujjal Dosanjh, another anti-racism crusader who has ridden on white backs to the province's top spot. Unfortunately.

Fry is not the only one who has crosses on the brain. David Lethbridge, the communist academic in Salmon Arm, suffers from the same complaint. His daft cry was taken up by Warren Kinsella in his book Web of Hate, and it was equally fictitious. No point in Lethbridge's head being looked at by Dr. Fry, though, because they are birds of a feather.

But perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on Fry, who has been well fried. She may have lied, she may be a hater who professes to hate hatred, but she's just part of the anti-racist hate pattern of these bedevilled times.

The media have given oodles of space to her sin, but they would have given even more oodles to the story if it had been right.

Consider, for instance, the explosion on the front page of the Vancouver Sun of March 20 headed, "Speakers with anti-Semitic ties coming to B.C. rally."

The lead of this 40 column-inch story about nothing gave us the flavor: "A number of speakers whom [sic] critics say are anti-Semitic and support U.S.-style civilian militias will be in Port Coquitlam next weekend for a gathering of anti-tax and anti-government radicals."

Critics say....Sure.

To the Sun, which is part of Pacific Press, whose chairman is David Radler, anti-Semitism real or imagined is big stuff. No need for instructions to come down from the top. Journalists always know where the power lies, nudge nudge, wink wink. And the "critics", it turned out, were in the singular —Nisson Goldman of the regional branch of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

The meeting was organized by Freedom Fest 2001, of which I had never heard, and an RCMP report obtained by the Sun spoke of "increasing militancy by members and associates of anti-tax and other anti-government groups in Western Canada".

Imagine that! Where will it all end? Take cover, folks.

The holocaust had to get into the story, of course. Under the turnover headline, "Speaker's books deny holocaust", reference was made to the American, Eustace Mullins, "who praises the Nazis and denies the holocaust". He was not scheduled to be in Port Coquitlam, but a little detail like that didn't matter if he had spoken at some other meeting in the province.

The hotel where this sinister gathering was to have taken place took fright in the face of threatened demonstrations and cancelled the Freedom Fest's accommodation. Right of assembly? Sorry about that. So don't forget to get the "critics" permission if you plan to hold a meeting. In this case, however, another venue was found and those monsters in anti-tax clothing did their thing without causing another West Coast earth tremor.

Where does Conrad Black come into the picture? Well, he's the guy who features large in Canadian media ownership (including that of the Sun) and who stooped recently to denounce once of his own columnists — Taki of The Spectator — as being on a par with Dr. Goebbels, Taki having made the mistake of bashing the Jews for their treatment of the Palestinians. But we shouldn't be surprised about that, either. As far as Middle East affairs are concerned, Black's National Post could be mistaken for being published in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, I guess we lice of the right are all fascists, holocaust deniers, bigots and rotters, just like our Jewish minister for immigration, Elinor Caplan, said during the federal election.

Not to mention cross-burners. Got a light, anyone?

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