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Doug Collins

March 9, 2001

Schadenfreude fan that I am, I watched this week as “Taki”, a columnist in Britain’s Spectator magazine, owned by Conrad Black, in effect told the media mogul to go to hell after Black had used his flamethrower on “the poor little Greek boy,” as Taki often calls himself.

My name came into the argument in a minor way, a nincompoop on the National Post having written that I am dead and presumably writhing in Dante's inferno. On which more later. Here we have a media imbroglio involving the Spectator, the Internet and the ranks of the British media, Black having blasted the latter, along with Taki, as “anti-Israel”, meaning anti-Semitic. Which is news to me. Taki’s sin was to criticize the Israelis .You know, those persecuted, noble folk who have wiped out a lot of Arabs young and old. He also said that Bill Clinton and certain Israelis had allowed the now-pardoned Marc Rich to suborn American justice, that Rich’s Mossad bodyguards in Europe had tipped him off about a Pentagon plan to down his plane and take the crook back to the U.S. to stand trial, that Israeli intelligence knew more about US Air Force activities than the Pentagon did, and that the U.S. was not yet territory occupied “by those nice guys who attack rock-throwing youths with armour-piercing missiles”.

What’s wrong with that? When I read the offending item (I read Taki first when I get the Spectator because he is amusing and mordant) I thought nothing much about it. Hadn’t a candidate for the presidency of the United States, Pat Buchanan, called Washington, Israel’s “amen corner”? Haven’t the Jews themselves boasted about the enormous Jewish contingency there? But Black went berserk. He invaded the pages of the magazine to tear Taki to bits for being an anti-Semite. “It is hard to imagine,” he frothed,“that a person with whom you are a racist who incites violence against innocent people because of their ethnicity or religion.”

When Taki did that is not clear. Not in the column in question, certainly, but Black had only just got going. He went on to say that Taki’s “farrago of lies is almost worthy of Goebbels or the authors of the Protocols of Zion; that he, Taki, had suggested that the Jews glory in the murder of innocent or mischievous children and that he “presents the universal Jewish ethos as brutish”. Zionists, whether Jewish or Presbyterian, can go over the top when a word is said against God’s Chosen.

But the Chosen, like the Unchosen, are not without faults. Menachem Begin organized mass killings of Arabs designed to terrify them into leaving the country. Yitzhak Shamir was another top terrorist.Terrorism and Jewish-influenced American politics led to the British quitting Palestine.

There were so many Jews in the Clinton administration that the Israeli embassy would know about American policies before most members of the administration. Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish spy, fed “a devastating hemorrhage” of U.S. secrets to Israel. Even in Canada, Eric Margolis of the Toronto Sun has referred to “the Israeli tail wagging the American dog”. Compared with all that, Taki’s stuff seems tame.

The National Post, owned jointly by Black and Izzy Asper, has much to commend it. But the retired academic in B.C. who referred to it as “Canada’s leading Jewish newspaper” was right. It is stuffed with news and articles about Israel, and if any of them were critical I must have been snoozing or boozing. Barbara Amiel, Black’s wife and a Jewish journalist for whom I once had a lot of respect in the days when she stood four-square for freedom of speech, which she does no longer, wrote a 6,000 word piece in the paper in which she stated that Jews need have no shame for what is going on there.

Enter John Fraser, a Post writer and wimp. On March 7 he mentioned the Taki/Black bust-up, grovelled to his dear friend Conrad Black, and stated: “Since the death several years ago of the West Coast columnist, Doug Collins, Taki has been the most conspicuously enfranchised bigot in Western journalism.”

I am an even better bigot than Taki? When does our Governor Generaless invite me to Ottawa to collect my prize? My note to Fraser read, “My dear politically correct, blithering idiot. I am still here and punching away like mad at the world of nincompoopery, of which you are a senior member. Kindly stop kissing Conrad Black’s ass long enough to do a bit of checking.”

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