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Doug Collins

January 10, 2001

In this new century, immigration continues to dominate the news. Not that it is being given the finger. That would be "racist". Daily, however, we get reports that represent stepping stones to national and Western disaster.

Here in Canada, Sudanese and other illegal immigrants who have no identification will be able to get in on the word of a couple of grinning, lying compatriots that they are who they claim they are. People riddled with deadly diseases also find a welcome. It seems that there is no fool like a Canadian fool. But there is, as you will see.

In the media of the democracies the problem never seems to be attacked at its roots, which would mean stopping mass immigration from the Third World. It was therefore with some astonishment that I read a stringent criticism of what is going on in England by "Taki", a columnist in The Spectator, the venerable, rightish magazine published in London.

Taki lives in New York but was educated in England. He is wealthy and seems to know everyone on both sides of the Atlantic who is anyone. So what he had to say in The Spectator should provide food for thought at a few dinner tables.

"I am Greek," he wrote, "with some German blood in me and wish my children to live in a European culture. The culture that gave us Homer, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Goethe, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Why is it racist to want to keep England for the English or Greece for the Greeks? Why do we have to listen to race hustlers like Jesse Jackson - or the Blair gang - endlessly prattle on about diversity? As far as I am concerned, there are far more black and brown countries than white ones, so diversity needs to be reversed, not encouraged. Most scientific discoveries were invented by whites, yet our leaders, eager to please politically correct intellectuals, are doing their damndest to destroy our European past. It's all done in the name of tolerance, through spin doctors, paid liars, bullying, and insidious methods of patronage."

Taki quotes British writer David Pryce-Jones in Bill Buckley's National Review.

"Tony Blair (is) the most wilfully damaging prime minister Britain has
ever had. The break-up of the United Kingdom [with Scottish and Welsh
parliaments] is the first step in denying Britain's past.... Blair has managed the almost unimaginable feat of bringing British identity into question. The word British looks set to become as obsolete a term as Soviet. England is now a country in which town halls refuse to fly the national flag for fear of giving offence."

Says Taki: "By packing the House of Lords with shady entrepreneurs, media figures and show business vulgarians that have bankrolled New Labour, Blair has done away with the checks and balances that saw Britain remain a democracy for a thousand years. Ancient customs and rights are no longer secure, while a demoralized police force is under concerted attack....".

Taki does not exaggerate. In Birmingham, Labour councillors have voted to rename the section of the city known as Balsall Heath as "Apna Town", which is Punjabi for "Our Town."

The Runnymede Trust, a race-relations think tank commissioned by Blair to do a report on "Multi-ethnic Britain", recommended that the U.K. is not a nation but a "community of communities", and that the terms "Britain" and "British" should be abandoned because those words have racial connotations.

It appears also that Henry VI, King of England in the 15th. century, was a black man. This transmogrification has been achieved by the Royal Shakespeare Company, which has given a fellow with Nigerian parents the
role of the king in the Shakespeare play of that name.

Sometimes I wonder why I fought in a war to defend a Britain that doesn't what to be Britain - at least as far as its elites are concerned.

Here in Canada, needless to say, we have nothing to boast about. We beat Blair to the punch, in fact, by being suckers for Pierre Trudeau, the man who "changed the country forever", as the media informed us happily when he died. And Trudeau set the pattern for the phony Tories, one of whose ministers told us there was no such thing as a Canadian identity. Nor is there, now, thanks also to her, Brian Baloney and Joe Clark. Will there be one in the future? No.Traditional Canada is done for. As the recent election showed, the Alliance Party was as cowardly and stupid as the rest of them in bowing to Multicult.

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