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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

Nov 28, 2000

Most men are slaves by nature ó Aristotle.

In case you didnít notice, it was the PCPs who won the election. Theyíre everywhere. Under the beds, in the closets, and in the corridors of power.

Who are they? They are the Liberals, who ran the dirtiest campaign in living memory; they are the Tories, who under Joe Clark are also Liberals; they are the NDP, who believe that Karl Marx still breathes, and, sadly, they are the Controllers of the Alliance.

The PCPs are the Politically Correct Party, which won hands down. Once upon a Day (if I may use that term), a lot of people hoped that the Alliance would be different. But it is not.

I voted Alliance, so my quibbles come with regret. But as I joked to a friend, I would have voted for bloody Hitler if it meant getting rid of M. Cretin & Co.

The tone was set by the egregious Elinor Caplan, a Jewish gal who ranted on about the Allianceís ďracists, bigots and holocaust-deniersĒ, which in other circumstances would constitute hate speech. (Remind me to make a complaint to the human rights maniacs.)

Whether she thought of that stuff herself or whether it sprang from Warren Kinsella is hard to say. But he used similar tactics when he ran unsuccessfully in North Vancouver in the previous election, and in the recent dust-up he was chief plotter in the Liberalsí war room.

What matters, however, is not so much that dirt that was cast around by the cartload, as that the Alliance ran for cover. It purged the party of anyone deemed to be ďincorrectĒ and it was more willing to talk about Creationism, for Godís sake, than immigration, the greatest of the unmentionables, of which there were many.

Day did say he would do something about the phony refugee racket, but the Liberals pay lip service to the same thing even though it is their baby, born out of wedlock.

The Alliance fell down in a dead faint after candidate Betty Granger in Winnipeg had the temerity to refer to the Asian invasion, to Tamil terrorists in Toronto, and to refugees coming off boats who ďwere not the best clientele you would want for this countryĒ.

Ainít it the truth?

She made her statement to a bunch of brainwashed university students who immediately scurried to the PCP press with it. But she should have kept on saying it.

She was forced to apologize and the Alliance disowned her, while denying it had done so.

That she spoke the truth only made her offence worse.

The poet John Keats said that beauty is truth and truth beauty. Wrong. In politics, hypocrisy is beauty, whi\źÓ

Are ethnic groups waging their wars here? Do Liberal cabinet ministers attend terrorist-front Tamil dinners? Are the Chinese Triads having a ball? Who cares?

Here we have something that is destroying Canada. Yet no politician wants to talk about it because that would be would be ďracistĒ.

It is now racist to defend oneís own borders and oneís own culture. Hello there, veterans. Bet you didnít know when you fought the war that Canada would be taken over anyway.

If it was permissible for politicians to change the immigration laws, why isnít it possible to speak against such change? Isnít it all politics? Apparently not.

The bottom line for them is that if we wake up one day to find we are living in a Canadian suburb of Somalia, thatís just fine. And if Vancouver becomes an Asiatic city, that would be even finer.

In fact, Greater Vancouver is already well on the way to becoming just that. The 1996 census showed that visible minorities numbered 31 per cent of the total population, of whom 49 per cent were Chinese. Since then, those percentages must have increased. Toronto, meanwhile, is no longer the Queen City of English Canada. It is the Queen City of Multicult.

Mrs. Granger had to be burned at the stake because, as the Alliance admitted, the Asian vote was important in ten western constituencies, which means that the minorities now have a lock-hold on the rest of us and that we shall soon be a minority ourselves.

I am tempted to say, ďHave a nice Day.Ē But none is in sight.

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