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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

Nov 10, 2000

During the sound and fury of a federal election important news can sometimes be missed. So here are a couple of items that may not have reached your part of the world. Both involve "human rights," or the lack of them.

The first is the Robert Blencoe case, and the second is a revolt against "gay rights" days by the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

Robert Blencoe is the former NDP cabinet minister who was accused of "sexual harassment" by two of his staff. That was five years ago. whatever he did, he committed no crime, and has not been charged with one. Instead, complaints when to the Human Rights Commission.

That brought his dismissal from cabinet. He got a job down East, but the media followed him and he lost it. Whereupon he returned to British Columbia and became a security guard.

His case dragged on and on, and he went to court claiming that the delay was denying him natural justice. The B.C. Supreme Court turned him down. He appealed, and the Appeal Court upheld him. Having unlimited taxpayers' dollars at its disposal, the Human Rights Commission then took the matter to the Supreme Court of Canada, whose gurus found against him. So, five years after it all started he's back before the rights fanatics, and Iım not holding my breath as to what the verdict will be.

What did Blencoe do? Well, let's say he was stupid. Kissing the staff or patting their bums is not on. In saner times, he might have got a slap across the kisser, and that would have been that. But he certainly didn't rape anybody. Today, however, sexual harassment has become a money maker, thanks to human rights.

What is sexual harassment? In his book , The End Of Sanity, the American writer Samuel L. Gross points out that it is a phony "crime" thought up by what he calls the New Establishment.

He points out that the Random House College Dictionary defines it as: "1) To be troubled by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry, raid. 2) To disturb persistently, torment, pester, persecute."

Yet it is now often linked with what is in someone's head or tongue (remember the professor who was accused of looking at girls in the swimming pool?) , and claims that it is related to assault, even rape. Which, as Gross says, presents an absolutely false picture to the public.

So does the "hate literature" nonsense, which usually means that some pressure group doesnıt like someone else's opinion..

The New Establishment,says Gross, is striving to shape a new society based on the denial of truth and decency. Thus we now have Affirmative Action, Bilingualism, Gender Equity, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Under- Representation and of course Sexual Harassment, all of which are key tenets of a secular religion.

For the time being, there is little hope of getting rid of it. and judging by the way they panic when the politically incorrect join as members, even Stockwell Day and the Alliance Party pay tribute to that religion. But there is some stirring elsewhere.

At their recent convention, the Union of B.C. Municipalities came out strongly against having to declare "gay pride" days. Some mayors have refused to do so, and Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray was bashed by the B.C. Human Rights Commission for trying to strike the word "pride" from the expression.

Local politicians should not be forced to welcome events that they and their communities don't support, he said. Therefore, mayors should be protected from the provisions of the Human Rights Code. It was, said Gray, an attempt to restore mayors' rights to free speech. But it is not only mayors' rights that are involved here.

On cue, the NDP government declared that the mayors were "anti-gay" and that no such protection would be forthcoming. So let's hope that that's another nail in the NDP coffin. (At Vancouverıs Gay Pride Day, NDP premier Ujjal Dozanjh pranced along with the queers.)

Some sections of the media are beginning to understand what is going on. The Maple Ridge News has come out with an editorial on the Blencoe issue in which it told Liberal Opposition Leader Gordon Campbell that the first thing he should do on coming to power should be to get rid of the B.C. Human Rights Commission.

There is a certain irony in Blencoe's case. He was a minister when the human rights legislation was passed. He has now been "hoist with his own petard" as the ancient saying goes.

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