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Doug Collins

Oct 30, 2000

"I've never heard of a country with an immigration policy as plain stupid as this."

- Gordon Shrum, former Chancellor of Simon Fraser University, March 26, 1975.


In the quarter of a century since Professor Shrum spoke out, nothing has changed except for the worse. Traditional Canada, or if you like, White Canada, is being replaced by Anything Canada and Nothing Canada, with all the joys that such a transformation entails. Yet silence is the rule. And now we are going to have an election in which it will be pretended once again that all is well in the best of all racial and cultural worlds.

As a glance at any daily newspaper shows, however, it isn't. On October 20, most of the front page of The Vancouver Sun was devoted to a story of Sikh crime under the headline, "Gang slayings escalate". And there were six pictures of Sikhs who had recently been murdered. Not by whites, but by their own kind.

Inside, there was a list of 25 Sikhs, all of whom had been killed, charged with murder or manslaughter, or otherwise involved in deadly crime. Plus another headline that read: "Police frustrated by lack of community cooperation", meaning that the Sikh community was either too scared to give information to the police or too loyal on racial grounds to do so.

Large scale immigrant crime is of course not confined to Sikhs. Not only on the West Coast, but right across the country, criminals from India, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and the Caribbean are hard at it on the crime front, having discovered that Ottawa welcomes them, that our courts will coddle them ("Convicted drug dealer can stay", National Post, Oct. 12) and that our people have been been bullied into keeping their mouths shut by human rights commissions or by having the "racist" finger pointed at them.

Is that an overstatement? Not at all. It's an understatement. Let's go to the news reports again.

"Blood in the streets" - Vancouver Province story of Feb.17 describing how the public is at risk as Vietnamese gangs go on the rampage.

"40 kids seized in war on drugs" - Vancouver Sun story about Viet kids involved in drug trade because their parents know nothing will happen to them.

"Thousands of Tamil guerrillas in Toronto, police say" - National Post story telling us that the city may be home to 8000 members of terrorist factions.

"Canadian financed terror bombs, Sri Lankans say" - the "Canadian"being a Tamil Tiger who allegedly paid for 60 tons of explosives for use in bombing attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 86 civilians and injured 1,400.

Not to mention that our very own Liberal finance minister was pleased to speak at a dinner put on by a group described as being a front organization for Tamil terrorists.

"Canada for sale?" - headline in The Report magazine of June 19 concerning a former foreign service office who claims that Chinese criminals have subverted officials and politicians at a high level in Ottawa. (Project Sidewinder) Despite all the evidence, the media and the politicians of all parties, including the Alliance Party, don't really want to know about it. The Alliance did raise the Tamil dinner item in the House (and was called racist for its pains) but no-one dares to raise the real issue, which is:

Do we want this kind of immigration? And do we want to replace the majority white population with what we are getting from elsewhere?

We don't, but what we want has never mattered, certainly not to the Liberals, Tories or the NDP. They want what THEY want, which is immigrant votes and support from immigrant associations financed by our taxes. It makes a neat kind circle that cowed white Canadians cannot break.

Nor need we expect any lead from the media.The last anti-immigration editorial appeared over 30 years ago when the Liberals were planning their racial revolution and when Tom Kent, Lester Pearson's stooge, was saying privately that universal immigration would break the Tory hold on Toronto, which it did.

At that time, of course, the immigration fifth columns did not exist. We also had free speech.

These days, despite all the stuff in its own pages, you will never see an editorial in the Vancouver Sun challenging our immigration policies. The same applies from coast to coast. As far as immigration is concerned the media are staffed by deaf mutes, and the politicians are no different. That includes the Alliance Party, even though Sikhs tried to get rid of Art Hanger in Calgary.

Any political leader who damned what is going on would sweep the key province of Ontario, media or no media. But it won’t happen. In this country there can be revolutions, but no counter-revolutions. We can stop Mount Logan being renamed Mount Trudeau, but we cannot stop Canada being renamed Mount Nothing.

Let me know if I am wrong.

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