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Doug Collins

Oct 20, 2000

The headline over this column is the title of a book by Mr. Charles Campbell, a man who is eminently qualified to report on this country’s nation-destroying immigration mess, exemplified by the recent intelligence that there are probably more than 8,000 Tamil terrorists in Toronto.

He is a former vice-chairman of the old Immigration Appeal Board (the one that existed before we were drowned in the bogus refugee and family reunification flood), and has contacts that our media kittens would envy if they weren’t too lazy or too brainwashed to deal with the subject in depth.

Anyone with eyes knows that we are being betrayed and that we are well on our way to being replaced by people of non-European extraction. That is a gift from Lester Pearson, who introduced ‘‘universal immigration” in 1967, and from Pierre Trudeau, who pushed the program and said it didn’t matter where the immigrants came from.

A life-long Liberal, Mr. Campbell doesn’t go into that, although it is implicit in his use of the word “betrayal”. What he does go into, is the way the country has been deceived by the lies that have flowed from Liberal and Tory governments who have ignored the facts presented to them by their own civil servants, by commissions of inquiry, and by Auditors General.

He quotes ignored authorities to show that we do not need a larger population for the sake of prosperity; that immigrants do not earn more and give more back to the economy than they get out of it, and that they do not create more jobs than they take.

All that is part of Ottawa’s ‘‘mythology’’ Canadians, he says, are mostly ignorant of immigration levels and trends. Policy is made behind closed doors and the government holds “consultation processes” in which the public is not consulted. It is the immigration industry that is consulted, meaning immigration lawyers and ethnic associations.

He is an authority in his own right on the bogus refugee racket, which allows people to make applications for status simply by arriving. The instance of the Chinese boat people alarmed many, but that was only a minor nail in the Canadian coffin except that, like Trudeau, Jean Chretien sees illegal immigration as no problem.

Misinformation is an Ottawa art.In the late 1980s, the government side reported that the backlog in “refugee” screening would be 23,000. Another estimate was 40,000. It turned out in fact to be 101,000, and as the author states, “a building contractor so unfamiliar with reality who made estimates like that would go broke”.

The refugee picture is one long horror story. “Refugee determination as been out of control since 1980”, and a 1994 report by the B.C. and Yukon Immigration staff put it this way: “We go about congratulating ourselves for our over-exuberant acceptance of mostly bogus refugees, with the rest of the world snickering at us for the suckers we are.”

Nothing has changed, except for the worse. As an officer in the Immigration Intelligence Branch is quoted as saying, “The system has become so open that when a refugee gets in, the word gets out and his whole village floods in behind him.”

Another masterpiece of deception is the claim that 45 per cent of the immigrant intake is in the “independent” class, meaning that they are skilled workers. Not so, says Campbell. It is actually 15 per cent. So how does 15 become 45? By counting the relatives of the 15 per cent as “independents” also.

The “family reunification” racket often accounts for about half of the total intake, and the ever-broadening definition of “family” means that relatives come in as of right while immigration officers have little or no power to reject them. It is done to appease the ethnics and to get their votes, and is why there are now, reportedly, a quarter of a million Sikhs in B.C.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have no qualifications now get into Canada on a breeze. The sponsoring program under which churches and other do-good groups guarantee to look after special cases, allegedly at no cost to the taxpayer, has broken down. The “entrepreneur” class under which foreigners (mostly Asiatic) agreed to set up businesses employing five or more Canadians — now reduced to one — is a bad joke, and Campbell quotes a senior forensic accountant with the World Bank as stating that the investor program is a “massive sham”.The same source scoffed at claims that it has brought $4.5 billion into the country.

The politicians who managed all this and much more are traitors (my word, not Mr. Campbell’s) to the country they purport to serve. They lose no sleep over the disappearance of traditional Canada and never implement promised improvements. An example was, the plan to make knowledge of English or French a condition of entry. Another was Brian Mulroney’s promise to make it tough for “refugees” after those phonies landed on the East Coast in 1986. But he made many times easier.

Mr. Campbell’s book costs $19.95 and is available from C-FAR Books (Box 332, Rexdale, M9W 5L3; FAX 905-277-3914; PHONE 905-897-7221)

Please read it.

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