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Doug Collins

Oct 10, 2000

The question is whether we have become a nation of lunatics. Let's hope not. But the orgasms of media-inspired hype over the death of Pierre Trudeau could persuade the proverbial man from Mars that we have. For several days, while the orgy was taking place, I had to stop reading most of the stuff in the papers, except for the headlines. It seemed that God was dead.

As I write, whole front pages are still being devoted to pictures of the rich revolutionary who, as some say happily, "changed Canada for ever". Sure. It was he more than anyone else who destroyed English Canada. Yet, the most flowery encomiums and accolades known to man flow from the media. And nincompoops grovel every hour on the hour.

It went on, to the exclusion of almost all else. The day after he died, his face took up the whole front page of the National Post. An eight-page takeout included pictures of "A first family for the times" . We were shown Pierre prancing behind the Queen, and there was a page by John Fraser headed, "A mistress named China," meaning that the dear departed admired the China of Mao, "that superb strategist", as Trudeau once called the biggest mass murderer of the 20th. Century. Not that Fraser mentioned such a thing, of course.

The next day, incredibly, there was a 12-page feature with another shot of our hero covering its front page. This time we were invited to read "The best of Pierre Elliott Trudeau". But that didn't include the time he told young Canadians to emigrate if they didn't like it here. Which they did and are still doing, judging by the brain drain. The day before the funeral the first seven pages in the Post were for Pierre, too.

It wasn't alone. The fever raged from coast to coast and the TV was enough to rot your socks. Many of us were forced to take flight to the American stations. It seemed that Trudeau was bigger than John Kennedy, bigger than Winston Churchill, and bigger even than the air-headed Princess Diana, whose death was another media-hyped event. It wouldn't surprise me if a pyramid like the one at Gizeh were built for him on Mount Royal. Greatness is greatness, you know.

I make no invidious comparisons between our Top Canadian Of All Time and the dictators of our time. But the same, media-managed adulation could be seen in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Franco's Spain. Hitler could turn the crowds out like no other German before or since. Hundreds of thousands of blubbing Russians filed past the murderous Stalin's coffin, and no doubt the Cubans will do the same for Castro (another Trudeau favorite) who was due to attend the funeral. Why not? Trudeau thought he was great, too.

It is said that slaves often admire their masters. That may be why so many of them thanked him for having given us the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, through which, as the Globe & Mail noted in calmer days, you could drive a horse and cart because it restricts our rights and denies our freedoms, which is what it was intended to do.

As Kenneth McDonald pointed out in his book, "The Monstrous Trick," it is in the French tradition, not the British, and it replaced the flexible Common Law. What we have now is an unelected judges' law. "Human rights" laws that are a travesty of justice flow naturally from it. As Mr. McDonald wrote, the Charter is not worth the paper it is printed on as far as freedom of the press is concerned and "the ever-intrusive state has many ways of denying the freedom it 'guarantees'. "

Once you have sold your freedom you can't buy it back. But if the current bloated media coverage means anything, Canadians don't want to buy it back.

Those other nation-destroyers, immigration and multiculturalism, were also highlights of Trudeauism, and Allah forbid that anyone should question them. Doing so puts people into the "racist" stocks, where Trudeau's cohorts can throw shit at them. Such policies have led to our minister of finance attending dinners put on by Tamil terrorist supporters, and to Sikhs ganging up against Whites at party nomination meetings. Plus drive-by shootings and other violence.

Yes, let us also lament the death of the man who set us on the road to the biggest national debt, per capita, in the western world, not to mention our great half dollar. And in addition to praising famous men, let us praise abortion on demand and the sanctification of homosexuality.You know: the nation has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, nor for that matter in the schools.

The Liberals will probably use this second round of Trudeaumania to call an election, which the Globe & Mail assures us will be a shoo-in for them. Well, madness breeds madness. Into the loony bin with the lot of us.

Thanks Pierre, and goodbye. Give my regards to God, if there's still room for Him up there.

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