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Doug Collins

September 12, 2000

Did you hold your breath when Pierre Trudeau was ill? I thought not. But according to a headline over a Canadian Press story, "The Nation held its breath."

The socialist who did more harm to this country than anyone else became a media darling over thirty years ago, and nothing has changed. He was and remains the Dancing Master of the Left and the Machiavelli of Post-Modernism.

They danced to his tune and are still grovelling en masse before his graven image. Peter Newman, who was "captivated" by him when he entered the political lists in 1968, had a bulbous write-up on him in the National Post. Every other paper contained much the same sort of thing, and the CBC's Peter Mansbridge isn't going to the Olympics in case the great man dies.

A Canadian loony at Oxford University has even started a campaign to have Trudeau's mug put on $20 bills. As a letter-to-the-editor has pointed out, that might not be a bad idea, seeing that it now takes twenty bucks to buy what one buck would when this national hero became prime minister.

The write-ups about him are an example of how the liberal media fall into line to be suckered. For now, as in 1968, there is no mention of what Trudeau was, and how he destroyed the country we once knew.

While close to 45,000 Canadians died for freedom in Canada during the Second World War, Trudeau was busy draft-dodging and cavorting around Montreal in German apparel

For starters, he was a draft dodger who campaigned bitterly against conscription during the war years. And while many of his countrymen were dying on the beaches of Dieppe, he and another guy were cavorting around Montreal in German apparel. Just for fun, you understand.

After the war he studied in London under Harold Laski, Britain's leading leftist guru. In 1950 he visited Moscow under the auspices of a communist-front group. He was mildly critical of some of the things that were going on there but never denounced the worst dictatorship on earth, outside of China. Later, as prime minister, he visited the USSR's far north, sang the praises of a city that had been build on dead men's bones, and in the same breath criticized the U.S.

Mao-Tse tung

He went to China in 1960, was entertained by Chou En-lai, and met Mao-Tse tung. He or the group he was with described Mao admiringly as "one of the great men of the century".

Trudeau and Communist Dictator Fidel Castro

In 1976, as prime minister, he and his dotty wife, Margaret, paid an official visit to Cuba, where he uttered the infamous words, "Viva el Prime Ministro Commandante Fidel Castro". His wife stated fatuously that Castro was one of the sexiest men she had ever met.

Neither before nor after his successful run to become prime minister did the mass of the mainstream tell us the truth about Trudeau. An exception was Lubor Zink of the Toronto Telegram, who for his pains was ridiculed as some kind of right-wing nut. Just as, today, anyone who challenges leftist extremism gets the same treatment.

One wonders what the media reaction would have been if Trudeau had visited a Hitler and sung his praises. But on second thoughts, one needn't wonder at all.

Zink dug out much of the story but his voice was lost in what David Somerville later described in his book, Trudeau Revealed, as "the adolescent infatuation of the day". I remember it well: the silly tittering women who wanted to kiss the "Canadian Jack Kennedy" on the beaches of Vancouver. And the beguiled crowds who filled the streets in Toronto just to get a glimpse of him.

What would they have thought, I wonder, if this self-described Citizen of The World had said, "Hey, vote for me and I'll make this country a suburb of Africa, China, India, and the Caribbean. You haven't yet heard of multiculturalism, but I'm going to invent it for you.

"Vote for me and watch your taxes hit the sky and the national debt rise higher than the Empire State Building.

"Vote for me and I will create an anti-social revolution for you.

"Vote for me and I will give you a Charter of Rights and Freedoms under which you will have fewer rights and less freedom than you ever imagined possible. And unelected judges will be your real rulers."

As Peter Worthington put it in 1977, "In the years since Pierre Elliott Trudeau became Prime Minister... more and more Canadians have felt the chill wind that hints of freedom's loss and authoritarianism's gain. More and more Canadians worry for the collective future."

Today, of course, the situation is worse then ever, thanks to his legacy and to voters having been misguided enough to keep him in power for twenty years while he applied the doctrine he had learned from Harold Laski. So much so that the pre-Trudeau Canada has been smothered. Why? Because most people didn't even realize it was happening. In the same way, that genius at Oxford doesn't understand that the Charter isn't what it says it is, any more than Trudeau said what he really was. It makes one despair of "education".

Holding one's breath is bad for you. If necessary, buy oxygen.


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