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Doug Collins

September 1, 2000

Alliance leader Stockwell Day is being called names by the Prime Minister (Blocwell Day, etc.) on account of his having attracted a couple of former Quebec Bloc separatists to his party. Which means, of course, that Jean Chretien knows Day is a danger to him and that his policies are popular. What to do? Trot out the personal attacks. Pretty soon, this last chance for Canadians will be denounced as an ďextremistĒ, but for my money he canít be extreme enough if that means bringing some sanity back to the nation.With that in mind I offer you the thoughts of an extremely perceptive friend, who writes:


Allowing queers to marry, adopt children, and have the same rights and benefits as a married man and woman, thatís extreme.

Letting convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters out on day passes so that they can kill, rape and molest some more, thatís extreme.

Flooding this country with 250,000 Third Worlders every year [and planning to increase that number even more ó D.C.] who can never become part of the Canadian mainstream and who will change the white, Christian, British/European culture of this nation for ever, thatís extreme.

Letting young offenders commit any crime, including murder, with virtually no penalty because they are underage, thatís extreme.

Having a penal system whose avowed intention is to get criminals back into society as fast as possible because we donít want to ďwarehouseĒ them, thatís extreme.

Destroying our once-respected education system by turning our schools into nothing more than feminist/socialist indoctrination centres where kids come out barely able to read and write, thatís extreme.

Dragging people in front of Human Rights Tribunals where they are tried and convicted for simply uttering an opinion, all without due process of law, thatís extreme.

Forcing bilingualism and the metric system onto Canadians against their will and renaming all government departments and agencies just to placate the separatists in Quebec, thatís extreme.

Degrading and emasculating our armed forces to the point where they are fit only to direct traffic in Bosnia, thatís extreme.

Allowing Indians to blockade roads, fish illegally and smuggle guns and drugs across the U.S. border with little or no police intervention because ďwe donít want to create another Oka!Ē, thatís extreme.

Condemning mayors and city councils because they refuse to proclaim a day honouring sodomy and other perversions in their towns, thatís extreme.

Allowing this country to be left with only one major airline that can charge any price and provide any kind of service, thatís extreme.

Spending millions to set up a national gun registry in which honest people such as hunters will comply, criminals wonít, and native Indians will thumb their noses at the whole exercise, thatís extreme.

Letting this country degenerate to the point where any bright youngster with an ounce of ambition is desperately trying to get into the U.S. where they know they will have a future, thatís extreme.

Allowing the laws of this country to be enacted by an unelected Supreme Court rather than a parliament elected by the people, thatís extreme.

Banning more books than were outlawed by the old Soviet Union simply because one minority group doesnít like what they have to say, thatís extreme.

Turning the tax-supported Canadian Broadcasting Corporation into the official propaganda arm of the Liberal party and making it the official spokesmouth for Canadian feminists, homosexuals and all other social experimenters, thatís extreme.

Levying tax after tax on the people in order to pay for never-ending socialist schemes, government bureaucracy, and large vote-buying handouts to friends of the Liberal party, thatís extreme.

Ignoring the wishes of the Canadian majority when it comes to tax breaks, reducing immigration, the death penalty, tougher prison sentences or an elected Senate to as to carry on with the Liberal socialist agenda as dictated by lobbying pressure groups and the one-worlders of the United Nations, thatís extreme.

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