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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

Feb 11, 2000

If the pundits are correct, the Sikh Supremacy Party — otherwise known as the New Democratic Party — will elect Ujjal Dosanjh as its leader and premier come Feb. 20.

Then Canada will get its first East Indian premier, and the politically correct Wet Coast media will coo happily.

Bring out the curry. Peer at the lovely papadons. Turbans all round.The TV newscasts in B.C. can’t get away from them.

As Gerry Weiner, the Jewish multicult minister of the 1980s told me years ago, “You can forget the Canada of 1945. We’re building a new Canada.”

Very true, sir. Very true.

So what has happened? Are the Sikhs now in the majority in this province? Have we become a suburb of the Punjab?

Not yet. But there are enough of them — certainly more than 110,000, most of whom are in the Lower Mainland —to register high on the NDP’s weighing machines. Besides which, an organized minority will always beat an unorganized majority.

There are over 30 Sikh temples in the province and when they are not beating one another up over religious issues like whether they should sit on the ground or sit at tables, they are signing up en masse as NDPers, in honor of Ujjal.

The result is that they have transformed what used to be a party dominated by the horny-handed sons of toil, and middle class white wine socialists, into what it is now reasonable to call the Sikh Supremacy Party.

The whining that goes on about this Sikh takeover in the socialist ranks is considerable. But no one in the party or outside it has the balls to name it for what it is:

Racism. As I may have mentioned before.

But let’s exercise a bit of caution. Only whites can be racist.The multicults are simply practising diversity. And diversity is good for us, even though too many doses of diversity can lead to death.

But I digress. What you really want to know is what Guru Dosanjh stands for.

He’s not really saying, apart from some muttering about a New Look for the discredited NDP. Which in fact looks a lot like the Old Look. You know: benefits for same-sex partners, higher welfare rates, anti-landlord legislation, more pro-union laws, and similar socialist pleasures.

But there are two things that neither Dosanjh nor the media have mentioned. One is that he will work his butt off arranging more privileges for his loyal minorities. And Sikhs won’t be at the bottom of the list. Things like that are, after all, one of the main purposes of B.C.’s human rights legislation.

The second is that he will make B.C.’s already sinister human rights laws even more restrictive of free speech.

Trouble is, we have media in this province who, like Trappist monks, never criticize such phenomena.

The result is that the man in the street knows little or nothing about what Dosanjh is up to.

Consider the human rights stuff, actual and proposed:

Our Sikh Guru has been an enthusiastic supporter and administrator of outrageous human rights legislation that makes it possible for the Thought Police to jump on anyone whose opinions don’t suit special interest groups like B’Nai Brith, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the ludicrously named Canadian Education and Research Association (CAERS). CAERS specializes in preventing the politically incorrect from speaking in public places. If hotels and public libraries can’t be bullied into keeping them out, “demonstrations” that some would call riots will take place.

It has been the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dosanjh’s ministry and I’d be surprised if the others haven’t also received alms from the public till. But, once again, our media watchdogs walk by on the other side of the street.

Even worse is the lack of attention paid to Dosanjh’s plans for attacking what is left of freedom of speech in this province. He wants to make the mere possession of “hate propaganda” a criminal offence, and yearns for the National Thought Police to have the authority to seize computer hard drives.

What is hate propaganda?

He whose granddaddy was reportedly a commie will decide that.

Finally, he and his Lesbian-led Human Rights Commission state in their recently written Rights Bible that “the defence of religious belief ” should be modified in case a bit of hate propaganda is slipped in that way “in the guise of religion.” So be on guard, you slippery Christians.

Meanwhile, what the Sikhs might be saying under the guise of religion we would never know.

And here’s an Indian lily for you:

The Commission, which means Dosanjh, wants the libel laws reviewed because “hate-promoting groups may be using libel actions against equality-seeking groups.”

Translation: immigration boosters, ethnic associations, and the Army of the Politically Correct, led by General Dosanjh should be free to say what they please, while we of the common rabble should walk around with gags in our mouths.

In the West, the Brave New World is dawning.


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