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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

August 25, 2000

The international conspiracy known as the human rights industry was on parade in Vancouver this week, and all the usual suspects appeared: Stephen Lewis, our former socialist ambassador to the UN, Beverly Watts, president of the International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies (just in case you thought it was unofficial), plus hundreds of other world savers.

They are all out to create more business for their business, as exemplified by the pratings of Mary-Woo Sims, B.C.’s lesbian Human Rights Commissioner. She has been carrying on about children’s rights being ignored in B.C, which drivel warranted big coverage in the media.

Suffer the little children to come unto me? God help the kids. And their parents. For what this gang is up to is nothing less than total domination of people’s lives. The Fabians and Karl Marx must be applauding them.

The rot is nation-wide. In Ontario, the Human Rights Commission has been persecuting a printer by the name of Scott Brockie, who refused to print a pamphlet for a homosexual group. He said it was against his Christian principles to do so. The commission, headed by the homosexual Keith Norton, fined him $5,000.

Printer Scott Brockie

The policy of these commissions is to harass dissidents. Fortunately, Mr. Brockie will be fighting his case in the courts. The courts being what they are these days, however, I wish him luck.

It’s a slow process but the message is getting through to some media outlets. The National Post has described current human rights tricks as “an end run around democracy”. The Globe and Mail has also been critical, while Link Byfield, publisher of The Report magazine, put it this way.

“Human rights commissions do not believe in liberty, only in protecting the sensitivities of their favorite groups. They see any critical behaviour of homosexuals, natives, abortionists or Jews as hate speech, pure and simple.”

So do discredited governments like the one in B.C. But why premier Mike Harris of Ontario’s so-called common sense revolution should put up with nonsense of the Norton kind is hard to understand.

In large part, it’s a matter of politicians having passed rights legislation without having consulted the public about it. They have regarded hard-line leftist drum bangers as their “public”.

The racket prospers. The government appointed Canadian Human Rights Review Panel wants to end “discrimination” against the poor, which would allow these commissars of “rights” to poke their noses into the body politic even more ruthlessly. As the Fraser Institute has stated, the inclusion of “social conditions” in Human Rights Acts would lead to an ever-expanding list of controls on business and demands on government. More end runs.

Rights awards range from the vicious to the ridiculous. A 350lb guy who was told he was too fat for a job in B.C. was awarded $11,250 by a rights tribunal — $3,500 for “hurt dignity” and $7,750 for lost wages. Come to B.C., investors, we’re waiting for you.

It is all reminiscent of the “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” of the French Revolution, which ended in widespread use of the guillotine; and of the “Bread, Land, and Freedom” of the Soviets, which ended in the Gulag and firing squads.

I know. That’s not in the cards here. But they show the same spirit. When “human rights” reared its head in the 1970s its professed target was discrimination in housing, etc. But now politically incorrect opinions are an offence, truth is no defence, and we have former Supreme Court Justice Gerard LaForest of the Review Panel telling us that discrimination is “systemic”. In other words, our sins are part of our culture and we need a different culture, prescribed by LaForest & Co.

The rights maniacs were the ones behind the making of “hate crimes” deserving of special punishment. For them, too, massive non-white immigration is a given. It is from ethnic immigration groups, in fact, that they derive most of their business.

Beverly Watts says we should be concerned about the human rights of young workers who are ‘‘caught up in a demanding global economy”. Perhaps. But does that include young white males who are discriminated against by rights commissions who openly favor ethnics? They have about as much time for whites as Stalin had for kulaks.

Mary-Woo Sims

The egregious Mary-Woo Sims told the misnamed “rights” conference that most Canadians believe there are no human rights problems in this country.

She’s wrong. There is a rights problem. And she and her lot are it.

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