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Doug Collins

August 20, 2000

Diogenes couldn’t find an honest man. But he should have taken his lantern and toured Vancouver’s North Shore, where he would have found several such men. In particular he would have found Herb Grubel, author of “A Professor In Parliament.”

Grubel is an internationally respected economist, and in 1993 he entered Parliament as the Reform Party MP for Capilano-Howe Sound, expecting, I believe, that the time had come for the Common Sense Revolution. But he soon discovered that politics and the media have more than their due complement of snakes.

His experiences persuade me that another naive fellow (myself, that is) would have also been bitten below the belt, if I had chosen to ignore Preston Manning’s impossible demands and run in the 1988 election. Still, it would have been easier for an Angry Old Man like me because I would neither have expected nor given any quarter. Grubel, on the other hand, is more of a gentleman and gentlemen get more headaches.,

One of his biggest headaches was Manning. Preston had one of the brightest minds in economics at his disposal but was afraid to use it. Why? Because the professor is politically incorrect and was given to stating the obvious on subjects like immigration, the mismanagement of Indian affairs, medicare, and much else. So, after a serving for a while as Reform’s “titular” Finance Critic — largely ignored by Manning. — he’d had enough.

One of the things he didn’t understand was that all is not fair in love and war, and that the most idiotic barbs thrown by his critics would quickly become atom bombs. That started even before he was elected, when Pete McMartin of the misnamed Progressive Conservatives branded him as a racist.

The occasion was an all-candidates meeting during which Grubel pointed out that under the family reunification and refugee rules, immigrants can select themselves for entry to this country rather than being selected. The consequence, he pointed out, was that people with zero qualifications were coming in in large numbers and costing us plenty. In saner times the opposite had been the case.

Alan Dutton of the government-financed B.C. Organization to Fight Racism echoed McMartin’s cry and the useful idiots in the media took up the refrain. “Anti-racist group targets two Reform candidates,” ran the front-page headline in the Vancouver Sun, just as if Dutton and his commie comrades were pillars of society.

On Peter Gzowski’s Morningside program, Manning was twice asked why he didn’t drop Grubel. He didn’t drop him, but neither did he defend him. And relations between him and the professor were always cool.

God forbid that awkward truths should roil the waters. By the standards of the politically correct, the professor frequently put his foot in it. “Candidate: objective economist or extreme right winger?” was another Vancouver Sun headline.

Reporter Frances Bula had gone out to Simon Fraser University searching for dirt. She got nowhere with the head of the Economics Department, but found a woman in Political Science who didn’t like Grubel’s opposition to special funding for radical feminist programs. “He out right-wings the right wing,” stated this character. “He’s outrageous in his anti-feminism and he’s a dangerous man with his view on minorities.”

The “extreme right-winger” headline was spread right across the Sun’s Page Three. Later, as an MP, the professor got into trouble for comparing Indian reserves with life on the South Sea Islands. All he was trying to say was that the billions spent on Indian welfare were getting them nowhere and that a different approach was needed. Once again the media went after him, and once again Manning did nothing to support him, even though the mail ran massively in Grubel’s favor.

The (Vancouver) Province excelled itself. It invited HERR Grubel, who was born in Germany, to go back where he came from. Would it have told a Jew to “go back to Israel, Hymie”? Such are the double standards.

A CBC fem told him she had “heard” he was a “Holocaust denier”, something that brought him and his wife to tears.

The grass roots support he got in all this showed what I have always believed: opponents of political correctness should speak out because most Canadians don’t go for that garbage. “Right wing” politicians should make the media follow them rather than trying to follow the media, and to hell with the Duttons, the Vancouver Sun, etc. It’s the only thing that can save this country from its lunatics. Men are needed, not mice.

Sadly, Grubel decided he didn’t need all the grief and elected not to run for a second term.

His book is not one large collection of the sort of thing I have picked out. It is mostly about economics as it affects Canada, and can sometimes lead to glazed eyes for peasants like me. But economics cannot be separated from politics, and you could learn a lot from “A Professor in Parliament”.

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