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Doug Collins

July 21, 2000

Nazi brutality is part or our daily diet. Has been for years. Over half a century after the end of the war you can hardly open a newspaper or watch TV for more than a couple of hours without hearing about it, thanks to the most successful "public relations campaign" ever.

It is inspired by Organized Jewry and media who know which side their bread is buttered on. It also has some substance to it But what you rarely hear is what the Jews themselves are capable of - in Israel, where the Begins and other terrorists were every bit as bad as the Nazis, and in postwar Poland, where concentration camps run by Jews made Auschwitz look like a holiday camp.

There have been a few cries and whispers about that. As early as August, 1945, Winston Churchill stated that it was "not impossible that tragedy on a prodigious scale was unfolding itself behind the Iron Curtain". But it has been left to a brave Jew - John Sack - to give us the unchallengeable details in his book "An Eye For An Eye".

Only a Jew could have written the story. Mr. Sack has been called a lot of nasty names, of course, but has been able to refute every claim made against him. His facts have been cross-referenced and checked, and it took him seven years to do the research. It is so good, in fact, that his critics mounted a massive campaign to prevent the book from seeing the light of day.

"Not for sixty years," it is stated on the cover," has a book been so brutally....suppressed as An Eye For An Eye. One major newspaper, one major magazine, and three major publishers paid $40,000 for it but were scared off. One printed 6,000 books, and then pulped them."

When it finally broke the print barrier, a headline in the Miami Jewish Tribune read: "Do me a favor. Don't read this book." They didn't want to know that Jews can be just as inhuman as anyone else.

Inhuman is an inadequate word for what happened in the immediate post-war period in Poland. In the communist camps, most of the commandants were Jews seeking revenge, and as the author puts it, "In 1945 they killed a great number of Germans. Not Nazis, not Hitler's trigger men, but German civilians, German men, women, children and babies whose "'crime' was just to be German."

Some of the things that were done are sickening to read about. In a field near Lamsdorf, 500 Poles had been buried and German women were forced to dig up the putrifying bodies.

"The faces were rotten, the flesh was glue, and the women were told to lie down with them."

The women had their faces pushed into the slimy dead faces. "Hug them." "Kiss them!" "Make love to them!" Sixty-four of the women died of typhus. In the same camp thousands of Germans died.

Torture was routine. A 14-year-old boy had his hair set on fire with gasoline. He ended up in an insane asylum.

A Jew called Shlomo (Solomon) Morel was one of the worst criminals. He starved, beat and murdered indiscriminately. He would pile his victims up like logs, lying crosswise, and beat them with clubs "like a hunter killing a pod of seals." Those at the top of the pile screamed for mercy.Those in the middle couldn't breathe.Those at the bottom lost their viscera and died.

A Pole commented that he would rather spend ten years in Auschwitz than any time at all in Morel's camp.

"What some Germans did to the Jews was monstrous. But the first people to do it again were the ones who had said, "Never again!" said another. One source stated that what happened to the Jews was very sad, "but there was another holocaust, too."

All this happened under the Office of State Security, which ran 1,255 camps in which twenty to twenty-five per cent of the inmates died. A Jew was the real head of the "Office" as it was known, and three-fourths of the Office in one regional HQ were Jews, as were thirty per cent of the top officers in Warsaw.

A secret study by the German government in 1974 concluded that there were probably 200,000 or more people in the prisons and camps, with a death rate of twenty to fifty per cent. Sack estimates that 60,000 to 80,000 died, "But it may have been higher, because in some camps 80 per cent died."

Ethnic cleansing? Nothing new about that. Five million Germans were expelled from Poland and Polish-administered territory. Altogether, sixteen million Germans were forced out of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia. It was the biggest forced migration in human history.

Many of the “Office” people emigrated to the U.S. Some came to Canada. But there will be no extradition trials for them. As for Morel, he got to Israel, and when the Poles asked the Israeli Minister of Justice to extradite him they were told that the statute of limitations ended in 1965. He is now a citizen. If he ever leaves, Interpol could arrest him.

John Sack is a reporter of enormous courage. When asked how a Jew could write a book like this, his comment is: "How could a Jew NOT write it!"

You can see John Sacks Website at:

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