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Where Are They Now?

Doug Collins

July 2, 2000

After Rhodesia had been sold to the communist thug Robert Mugabe in the name of democracy, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney visited newly born Zimbabwe. He had his photograph taken shaking hands with his friend “Bob”, paid his respects to terrorist “martyrs”, and sympathized with those who had been in Ian Smith’s “slammer”.
Zimbabwean President Mugabe

He was not alone in such idiocies. In 1982, Mugabe had tea with the Queen in Buckingham Palace, which was about the same time that Comrade Bob was organizing mass slaughter in Matabeleland, an operation in which he enlisted the help of the notorious North Korean Brigade.

No-one cared. It didn’t affect the World Council of Churches, which was all in favor of helping every African tyrant who happened to pop up. Nor, during the run-up to Mugabe’s takeover, did it prevent Western countries — including Canada — from inflicting sanctions on the “white racist Ian Smith regime”.

Pierre Trudeau was high on the purity parade, too. He said that Rhodesians who wanted to take part in a handicapped persons Olympics that was being held in Ontario would not be welcome. He wanted no “white racists” here.

So where are they now, all those heavy breathers for democracy?

You know the story. Mugabe backs murder today just as he did yesterday. White farmers are being killed by so-called “war veterans” for being white farmers, a war veteran being any black thug who has a gun or machete in his hand.

In the four months before the recent election there, 31 members of the opposition party were wiped out. And hundreds of white-owned farms have been occupied.

500 members of Zimbabwe's "War Veterans Association" ready to steal White owned farms

Terror was the fashion.If it had not been so, Mugabe’s communist control would have gone with the wind.

The official response of the West has been that of the three monkeys, with Canada being has no exception. Our foreign minister, Lloyd Axworthy, stated fatuously that “Zimbabwe is basically a democratic country”. Which must be news to the families of the murdered.

White ruled South Africa had no “Matabelelands”. Nor did it publicly approve of murder. But that never bothered our world savers, who were eager to push South Africa down the drain. A single killing by the police — that of Steve Biko — was enough to arouse an avalanche of international outrage.

Richard Attenborough even made a movie about it. It was shot in Zimbabwe and Attenborough and Mugabe became close friends. There is, however, no indication that Attenborough will go back to do a movie on the fate of the white farmers, or that he gives the faintest damn what happens to them.

Ian Smith

Rhodesia was a well-run, efficient country. Per capita, it contributed more men to the Second World War effort than any other dominion. Ian Smith was among them. A Spitfire pilot, he was shot down over Italy. But that has never worried any post-war British government, including Margaret Thatcher’s. In the world of politics, gratitude is the invisible man. Irrespective of party or government, the official British response to black dictatorship has been one of appeasement.

The attitude of the Blair government is what one might expect. They could send the air force to Yugoslavia to bomb the Serbs back to the stone age, but all they could do about Mugabe was to promise him funds to compensate farmers if he behaved himself. They could also send troops to Sierra Leone to prevent blacks from killing other blacks, but holding a communist dictator in check was not on. They have not even threatened sanctions. But sanctions were imposed on Rhodesia for years when Smith was prime minister.

Being “anti-colonialist” and all that, they may feel at the bottom of their misplaced hearts that Mugabe is right when he says that the whites stole the land in the first place. Which, of course, is to ignore the fact that opposition party blacks in Zimbabwe have been terrorized even more than the farmers. It is also to ignore a few other things.

When the whites took over Rhodesia there were no farms, the country was sparsely populated and Comrade Mugabe’s ancestors had driven the original San occupants away. It is also to disregard the fact that if the white farmers are forced to leave, Zimbabwe will be even more of an economic ruin than it is now.

Adrian Herud and and his wife Marion say they were forced from their homesteads in Harare.

So let me ask the question again. Where are they now? Where are all those brains who put on demonstrations in Canadian cities against the apartheid government of South Africa? Where is Brian Mulroney, who could emerge from political obscurity to back Joe Clark, and who could make Nelson Mandela a gift of $5000 ( U.S) in your name and mine, but who now has a gag over his mouth when it comes to the deeds of his old friend Bob? Where is all the outrage?

It has gone into hiding. It is OK, you see, to get worked up when whites do the wrong thing, but not when blacks are the villains. We saw the same phenomenon recently when a dozen white women were assaulted in New York’s Central Park by blacks and Hispanics, and the media failed to identify the race of the criminals.

It’s called the Liberal Death Wish.

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