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On Prince George and Dumb George

Doug Collins

June 7, 2000

The mind boggles at the idiocies that stalk this society. No need to go to Zimbabwe to look for madness. We have it here in cartloads.

In Prince George, B.C., the local council has endorsed in principle a recommendation by a “hate activities task force” to ban “hate groups” from holding meetings in public libraries. And politically correct censors of the multicult and liberal sort will be the judges, as ever.

In Toronto, however, Finance Minister Paul Martin and Maria Minna, Minister for International Co-operation, can take sup with Tamils who have been identified by our own security forces as a front for the terrorist Tamil Tigers.

In case you missed it, the Tamil Tigers blow people to pieces in Sri Lanka, just like the IRA in Ireland, only more so. In Canada, meanwhile, a “hate group” is anyone who speaks out on subjects the approved pressure groups would rather not see discussed.

But by some magical transmogrification, Tamils who support violence are just nice people with whom it’s OK for ministers to dine. And being a Minister for International Co-operation must meanco-operating with any tawdry bunch that has votes to sell.

In Prince George, which should change its name to Dumb George, the hate fuss arose because some guy was sending out Aryan Nation messages on his website. Off with his head! And a couple of 17-year-old girls said they were racists and white supremacists and that they had the right to express their views publicly.

Which they do and should, just like the communists, provided they do not push words down other throats by force.

Hedy Fry, our esteemed Secretary of State for Multiculturalism, is dancing in the streets at Prince George’s brilliant move.

That’s what all cities and municipalities should do, she says, “because of the increase in hate activities in the country.”

She is not specific about that. It’s just part of her parrot-like agenda.

What Prince George proposes, she adds, “could help shape Ottawa’s thinking on national anti-hate strategy”.

National hate strategy! Great stuff. No doubt she’ll be sending the Thought Police into the pubs to listen to what the peasants are saying.

But what about the Tamils? Fry hasn’t had a word to say about them. Website propaganda is bad, Liberal support of terrorist fronts is good.No word, either, about the bad company Brother Paul and Sister Maria are keeping.

The Tamils in Canada — 155,000 of them, thanks to our one-worlders — have been the subject of a lot of publicity since Mr. Martin was spotted cavorting with them. True, they are not all terrorists or supporters of terrorists, but plenty are.

Terrorist Tamil Tigers

As the National Post has pointed out, other Liberal MPs have attended Tamil fund-raising events in Toronto schools where men in uniform carrying replica rifles were strutting their stuff on stage.

A school official said that such meetings were “a little bit immoral.”

One might say that, seeing that the RCMP have stated that such rallies are “magnets for violence” that attract gangs heavily involved in financing the Tigers.

What would be the word if some right wing group in Canada paraded in Toronto schools wearing Nazi-style uniforms and were raising money to send to right-wing terrorists in Europe, if such exist?

In the Tamil case, Mr. Martin said that the dinner he attended was a cultural event. Try not to laugh. And it only cost $60, some of which went to the culturally-inclined Tigers, no doubt. .

When his Alliance Party critics in parliament went after him he said they were “un-Canadian”.

Being Canadian, it seems, means going to terrorist front fund-raising dinners.

Is there any other western country where the second most important man in the government could be so dumb? Move to Dumb George, Paul. You’d fit right in.

Support for Tamil terrorism is rampant.“Tamil groups,’ reports the National Post, “including the World Tamil Movement, which has also been named a terrorist front, have been advertising a series of ‘victory celebrations’ in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal’ to cheer on a wave of ethnic violence in northern Sri Lanka that has left hundreds of troops and civilians dead.”

Well, it’s all par for the course. The Liberals are destroying by immigration what used to be known as English Canada. And given a chance, they will push free speech down the memory hole, just like their friends in B.C’s NDP.

“Hate speech” by two kids and an Aryan Nations supporter in Prince George is bad. Fund raising by terrorist-supporting Tamils who will vote for the Liberals is good.

Thank you Messrs Fry and Martin. It’s nice to know where you stand.

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