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Tits and Tats

Doug Collins

May 22, 2000

Arrogance: Aggressively assertive or presumptuous; overbearing.— Oxford English Dictionary.


There is no lack of arrogance in our world. In the scales of argument, arrogance certainly outweighs humility, and I hereby award the Nobel Prize for Arrogance to groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress, B’Nai Brith, and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. All are arrogantly opposed to free speech, which in their book is hate speech if they don’t like what is being said.

Stating such qualifies one to be condemned to the Devil’s Island of Anti-Semitism, of course. For, as is obvious to everyone except the intellectually blind or cowardly, any criticism of things Jewish becomes “anti?Semitic”. And not only to Jews, but to lickspittles in government and “liberals”.

Subversive thoughts of that sort are not new and have led to my being chased by human wrongs commissions. As B.C. Report magazine put it a while back, the human rights industry has declared war on civil liberties and free speech.

I know of no groups who wage that war more fanatically than B’Nai Brith, etc., but I wouldn’t say so once again were it not for some comments on the subject by Joseph Sobran, an American syndicated columnist and one of the sharpest intellects in the media.

“The Jewish lobby...” he writes in his newsletter, “now inspires enormous fear because of its power to ruin politicians, writers, and businesses. It wields such dreaded labels as anti-Semite and bigot with abandon and — here is the real point — with impunity.

“Far from being persecuted, or remotely threatened with persecution, Jews in the modern democracies are very powerful.That is why they are feared, and why their labels terrify. If they were really helpless victims, there would be no reason to fear them...

“Most Jews, he adds, “take no active part in the thought-control campaign and many would oppose it if they considered it seriously; but the major secular Jewish organizations are determined to silence any public discourse that is not to their liking, as witness the fate of people as disparate as [David] Irving, Louis Farrakhan, and Pat Buchanan.” [Not to mention my far humbler self.]

Sobran was dealing with the situation in the U.S. But it is no different in Canada and is even worse in Europe, where the slightest murmur questioning the official version of the Holocaust can land people in jail.

The Holocaust, indeed, has become a massive shield used not only in the democracies but also in the Middle East, as the Palestinians have learned to their cost. The standard account of the Holocaust, states Sobran, serves political interests. “[Israel] has enjoyed great indulgence from the U.S. by justifying its violence against its Arab neighbors and its abuses of its Arab minority as necessary defensive measures by a people still traumatized by persecution and threatened by annihilation”.

The Zionist lobby, he says, has become one of the most powerful forces in American politics, and any criticism of Jews or of Israel becomes “anti-Semitism”. Holocaust denial, meanwhile, [or what passes for Holocaust denial] “has become a capital thought-crime”.

Its real function, he continues, “is not to identify and disarm real hostility to Jews, but to terrorize”.

An example of that was evident after the riot in the Vancouver Public Library last September, when I spoke about the threat to free speech as represented by the B.C. Human Rights Code.

The Canadian Jewish Congress and B’Nai Brith arrogantly lobbied the library to prevent ‘‘known hate groups” from using its premises, and in a recent issue of the Western Jewish Bulletin, Jewish biggies deplored the fact that it had failed to do so. Some of the most controversial rentals, they claimed, had been to “outspoken anti-Semites”. (Names, please.)

Up popped the Holocaust again, too. B’Nai Broth’s Harry Abram, a devoted enemy of free speech said that survivors of the Holocaust would feel intimidated if there were speakers in the library who were denying that it ever took place. A fine broth, that.The man makes no sense, as usual.

For my part, I have never said it didn’t take place. But even if someone told me that the Second World War itself had never taken place — and I was in it for six years — I would laugh at them. Laughs are in short supply, however, where Abrams is concerned. Or perhaps not. He once suggested that I was preparing the ground for another Holocaust.

Meanwhile, aren’t the above named Jewish organizations hate groups? They certainly hate little old harmless me (as witness the “rights complaints against me) and are selectively opposed to free assembly, which, the last time I looked, is supposedly guaranteed to all who nest in the True North.

If they ever use it, perhaps we should lobby to keep THEM out of the library. Doesn’t every tit deserve a tat?

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