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Save Free Speech Now!

Milquetoasts, Malcontents and the Zeitgeist

Doug Collins

May 10, 2000

What is it about this country that prevents people from facing reality.

Why is it, for instance, that the authorities ignore the excesses of the Left, while any similar actions of the Right would result in outrage?

For the most part we can blame what the Germans call Der Zeitgeist, or the Spirit of the Times. On the West Coast, for instance, a riot against the Canadian Free Speech League in the Vancouver Public Library excited only yawns. But if rightists had rioted against the Left or against B’Nai Brith, the event would have scorched the front pages of the nation’s press. TV pundits and editorialists would have viewed with brow-wrinkling alarm, and cartoonists would have had a field day drawing swastikas.

The riot in question took place last September 29th, as I attempted to raise funds for my court challenge to the B.C. Human Rights Act, under which I have twice been hauled before kangaroo court tribunals. About 150 invading leftists — scum to a man, and woman — howled for the blood of gladiators Doug Christie and myself, while two dozen policemen and six library security guards could not control them as they wrecked the affair. Bedlam had nothing on it. Yet no charges were laid. Which, these days, is par for the course, the Zeitgeist being what it is. But the real story is what the library did or did not do about it.

Multiculters, Jews (if it isn’t anti-Semitic to say so!) Communists and Socialists screamed that “hate groups” like the Free Speech League should not be allowed to darken the library doors, and never mind that the title of my talk was “The NDP’s Attack on Free Speech — a reference to that party’s appalling Human Rights Code that permits Premier Ujjal Dosanjh and Co. to go after anyone who tells a Newfie joke.

In response, the library board held a public forum in April to test opinion as to whether people like the League should be able to rent library premises. Needless to say, Mary Woo-Sims was there, she being the leather-jacketed Lesbian who heads the Human Rights Commission. So was Alan Dutton, the leftist who gets $100,00 a year in government grants to plead the multicult cause and who told the CBC that he would continue to oppose with force any “so-called free speech meetings”.

To its credit, the library board did not entirely collapse in the face of this attack. But it stated that renters would have to agree not to contravene the Criminal Code or the Human Rights Act of British Columbia while holding meetings.

This was more than passing strange, since one might conclude from that that the League had done so.

So I wrote back to point out that if anyone had contravened the code it was the rioters. Why didn’t the Library Board say so? And why was the riot not condemned? As for not contravening the Rights Act, could any speaker guarantee not to tell a Newfie joke?

Mr. Christie also took pen in hand.

He wanted to know why the library had not announced that the law regarding peaceful assembly would be enforced.

“Is it your policy,” he asked, “that if someone screamed and shouted at a person reading a book you would not have them evicted from the property? I doubt it. More than likely you would call the police and the person would be arrested for causing a disturbance. Why would the same principle not apply to protection of the right of peaceful assembly...?

He went on to deal with the silly ruling regarding the Human Rights Act, pointing out that it is under challenge in the courts, and that people should instead be asked to “maintain and uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically freedom of speech, thought, belief, opinion and freedom of assembly.These are equally important values, which apparently you are not prepared to maintain with the same strict requirements.”

“All in all,” concluded Mr. Christie, “the policy you have adopted, in the long run, seems inclined to gradually squeeze from public discussion and discourse those who are vilified by the extreme left-wing in Canada.”

It is doubtful that the Library Board will provide any substantive answers to our questions because our points are unanswerable. Instinctively, the Board recognizes where the power lies, especially in B.C., which is why I will not try to speak in the library again.

Does that mean that the scum have won? No. They haven’t managed to control the Internet, and it is to be hoped that they don’t yet control the courts. Also, an election is due next year in which the NDP will disappear down the drain of iniquity.

But for the time being the Zeitgeist prevails. He blows with the wind, however, and the wind can change. Meanwhile, it is up to all freedom lovers to make sure it does.

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