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When is racism not racism?

Doug Collins

Feb 4, 2000

When it’s minority racism? Everyone knows that!

Everyone may know it but in politically correct Canada few are saying so. Especially not in B.C.,where a “human rights” commission lurks in wait for non-believers and where the mainstream media are gung-ho for multiculturalism.

Those who doubt this view have only to consider the Sikh push to get Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh appointed as the NDP leader and premier of the province when the party holds its leadership convention in February.

The process is a template for political action on the basis of race while the disenfranchised look on, agape. The media, meanwhile, refer to it delicately as a matter of religion. But one can imagine what the reaction would be if Anglicans were asked to support white Anglican politicians.

Thanks to mass member sign-ups in the temples, many of them phony, the Sikhs are now the dominating influence in the provincial NDP. And right now it looks as if the most dangerous man in the cabinet will win the race. Politicians who hope to get something out of him are licking his boots. Across the country, Sikhs are contributing tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign.

White supremacy bad, Sikh supremacy good.

It serves the NDP right that it is being steered down this path. The socialist and multicultural chickens are now coming home to roost. Worrying about being governed by immigrants from India or for that matter by men from the moon has not been on the NDP agenda. Multicult is their electoral god, just as it has been an icon for the mainstream media.

The local Sikh press has been quite open about it. The followers of Guru Nanak vote for the white politicians who are the most favorable to their cause ( as for their support for Jean Chretien showed in the 1991 leadership convention in Calgary). But Sikhs get the nod when they run. That explains the election of Herb Dhaliwal, now Minister of Fisheries, Reform MP Gurmant Grewal, and others.

Don’t just take my word for it. Editorial writer Promod Puri of the Indo-Canadian Link newspaper describes Sikhs in B.C. as “the kingmaker community”, and has admitted that they have no respect for political ideologies. In his view, “[Sikh] commitment is more toward individual candidates rather than with any party.”

Translation: A Sikh candidate gets the vote if a Sikh is running. A pox on the rest. Sikhism uber alles.

Is Dosanjh the most dangerous man in the cabinet? Yes, now that Glen Clark has had to resign in disgrace as premier. He is the enemy of anyone who likes freedom of speech and equality in the job market. He pushes affirmative action — more minorities on the judiciary was one of his pre-candidacy planks (especially Sikhs, one presumes) and there are more minorities in his ministry than any other. 

He is also on the record as being a Big Brother censor. He refuses to have B.C.’s outrageous Human Rights Code tested for its constitutionality. He has been its biggest supporter, except that for him it doesn’t go far enough. Which explains why he has left no stone unturned in trying to prevent this writer’s application for a judicial review of that Code from reaching court.

Dosanjh has also been the mainspring behind the campaign for an even more outrageous federal censorship law.

He is no Teddy Roosevelt, but like Roosevelt he speaks softly and carries a big stick. On TV he puts on act that makes him look like the most reasonable of men. As Terry O’Neill of The Report magazine has put it, he is “a stealth socialist”. Nor is he above listening to Communists like David Lethbridge of Salmon Arm, who reportedly has offered his wisdom to Dosanjh on “anti-racist” measures.

This attorney general is himself a professional “anti—racist”. He flaps his lips about racism almost daily, forgetting that he obtained a subsidized education in this “racist” Province and rose to become its top law officer. Ever the hypocrite, he has recently rejected Clark’s style of governing but kept his mouth shut when it was convenient to do so.

He had nothing to say, either, when over 100 communists, Jews and NDP “protesters” invaded the Vancouver Public Library Sept.30 to disrupt a meeting at which I tried to speak under the auspices of the Canadian Free Speech League. I called them Dosanjh’s shock troops, many of them being from groups financed by his department.

If right wingers had broken up a multicult meeting he would have made sure the whole world knew about it. The Vancouver Sun, meanwhile, didn’t even report that tumultuous event, even though 24 policemen and six security guards had to be called out.

In 1998, with other attorneys general, he helped to propose measures that would make the mere possession of so-called “hate literature” a federal and criminal offence. It was also proposed that Thought Police be allowed to enter people’s homes to confiscate computer hard drives. That little plot would have remained secret if it had not been exposed by the National Post. Never mind. Chretien & Co. are now drafting legislation that will satisfy Dosanjh, just as they have given full support to the NDP’s atrocious Nisga’a land deal. Socialists all!

This is the New Millennium. And the New Canada. And unless people wake up, which they probably won’t until it is too late, it will also be the end for Canadians who prefer hockey and another beer. As Multicult Minister Gerry Weiner said in 1988 when I debated him in North Vancouver; “You can forget the Canada of 1945. We’re building a New Canada.”

Whether Canadians wanted it or not. He and Dosanjh would see eye to eye. But in the end it is we who are to blame. Too many of us put ice hockey and another beer over our own real interests.


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