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“Holding ‘unpopular’ status quo views and discussing the tyrannical approach of the neo-liberal agenda with zeal and vigour.”

Written by: "Anti-Racist" Agitator, Spy and  Informant Matt Lauder

12 Jul 2000

Straightman, as he is called, wears a blue Superman-like costume and is a real straight shooter -- and he shoots his message from the hip without any apologetics or mincing of words. His views are about pride in living a heterosexual lifestyle and he states that, “If they [gay rights advocates] can celebrate their sexuality, well than so can we. And this celebration is about heterosexuality and about building families.”

Straightman Appears at the March

Strange that such a popular view can be so contentious (for, according to the liberal minded statistics, nearly 10% of the population is homosexual), but that’s exactly what the status quo has been reduced to, and a celebration of a hetero lifestyle is now considered to a fringe, right-wing and socially-radical celebration, at least so far as the police are concerned.

Speaking to the organizers of the Straight-marches in Toronto and London, I was told that the police were out in full-force because they (the neo-liberal state police) consider Straightman and his hetero-pride advocates a threat to public safety. In fact, in Toronto, the police had brought along several intelligence officers with video cameras, a fully equipped SWAT Team, and their now infamous war-horses (which had recently trampled people at the OCAP protest at Queen’s Park in mid-June).

“They obviously see us as a threat,” one Straightpride protestor mentioned to me. “Why else would they have more police here than protestors.”

And that’s exactly what they had – more police than protestors. What a waste of taxpayers money considering that the Straightpride March was a peaceful protest attended to by mothers, fathers, church-goers from several different faiths and cultures, and others concerned by the gay-rights agenda of the neo-liberal fascist state.

Toronto Straight Pride Stride

In the end, the protest had just more than 50 protestors, all of whom wore “Straightpride” T-shirts and celebrated their firm belief in heterosexuality without causing much of a raucous.

But, things weren’t so mild mannered at the Gay Pride parade in London on July 9. The police, who stayed their distance in Toronto, felt it necessary to intimidate and antagonize Straight-people in London.


Straightman, who disguised himself as a “gay clown” led the parade a few blocks before taking off his costume to reveal his Straightman outfit underneath and pronounce his pride in heterosexuality. The police, not approving of Straightman’s tactics, quickly stormed him and continued to escort along the parade route.

Straightman in his Gay clown disguise complete with rainbow afro and red AIDS balloon
A phone booth would sure be easier!
"Inside every gay clown is a straight man waiting to get out"

Back by jeers of cynicism from the Gay crowd, the police intelligence officers found it necessary to flank the parade route and take video-tape any and all counter-protestors.


In fact, the London police were so obnoxious that the intelligence officer with the video-camera felt it necessary to walk straight-up to people, point at any protestor of interest, yell obscenities and take their photo for their secret police files.

So, I ask, when did it become illegal and controversial to be a believer in the 90% popular opinion of heterosexuality? And, when did the police come to conclusion that it was OK to infringe upon the rights of freedom of speech and privacy by using video cameras to antagonize protestors?

We have lost our rights in this country and many people don’t even realize it as of yet. The fact is that the police and other minority rights advocates and teamed up to slowly erode the principles of individual freedom.

In this age of neo-liberalism, one is made to feel guilty about holding popular views, especially that of being a heterosexual.

London Straight Pride March

Thank God for people like Straightman and the others who made themselves present at the protests for standing up against the tyranny of the neo-liberal agenda.

Matt Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre.  He posed as a person against anti-white government policies in an attempt to spy on and misdirect Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada.  He failed.  

Matt Lauder suggested that Nationalist groups in Canada "become more radical".  We on the Freedom-Site have always known Matt was not to be trusted,  and we posted his articles to show his "anti-racist" buddies just what he was up to.

The Strange Case of Matt Lauder by Marc Lemire


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