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Survivor Lawsuits and Stowaways

Written by: "Anti-Racist" Agitator, Spy and  Informant Matt Lauder

Not all Canadian news, but interesting none-the-less, here are a couple of small things Iíve picked up lately:

The first one is essential, and I hope to do more research on this campaign for remuneration for the Holocaust which had been going on for over 50 years. It seems to never end, just as you think there are no more lawsuits, someone, somewhere figures out a way to sue someone.

1. In France, a lawyer for Holocaust survivors is seeking a settlement of 1 Franc as a symbolic payment for the countryís complicity and collaboration with the Nazis and the deportation of Jews. A court ruling in favour of the survivors is a strategic test case that will permit thousands of lawsuits against France by Jews who survived the Vichy Regime. Basically, this symbolic gesture of culpability is to open the way for more money. Survivors of the Holocaust in France receive state pensions and a committee is currently assessing the value of possessions that were seized but never reclaimed because the owners were had died during the occupation.

In a related bit of gossip, I have heard that there will be a class-action lawsuit against French train companies. The lawsuit is apparently making a claim against the companies for the transportation of Jews during the Regime.

2. In Vienna, Austrian surgeons have sewn new hands onto a police bomb disposal unit. In 1994, Theo Kelz, 46, lost both hands trying to dismantle explosives planted by a racialist bomber who was operating a campaign for over 4 years in the country. 18 doctors aided in the operation that took over 17 hours to complete.

3. In Saint John, New Brunswick, Dominican stowaways hide in salt pile on a freighter berthed at a potash terminal. Immigration officers were on hand and stated that the seven stowaways will not be granted refugee status because they came here for economic reasons. They will be returned to the Dominican Republic.

The stowaways hid from the shipís crew by burrowing deep inside large piles of salt in the shipís hold. They were found after three days at sea and the shipís captain had informed Canadian authorities of the situation before arriving at port. It will be the duty of the shipís captain to get the stowaways back to the Dominican. Under Canadian law, the captain is responsible to assure that stowaways do not get ashore or he could be fined $15,000.00 a head for each stowaway.

Matt Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre.  He posed as a person against anti-white government policies in an attempt to spy on and misdirect Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada.  He failed.  

Matt Lauder suggested that Nationalist groups in Canada "become more radical".  We on the Freedom-Site have always known Matt was not to be trusted,  and we posted his articles to show his "anti-racist" buddies just what he was up to.

The Strange Case of Matt Lauder by Marc Lemire


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