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Northern Alliance & London City Police

Written by: "Anti-Racist" Agitator, Spy and  Informant Matt Lauder

(07 Mar 2000)

This is not meant to be a detailed report on the goings-on in London, but rather a summary of the main issues at hand. Please see Raphael Bergmann’s website at for the full story. And, remember, e-mail and tell him that you support his efforts!

Most have already heard in some way the story of the London City Police engaging in a “community policing” measure against a small group called the Northern Alliance, but for those of you who haven’t, this will be an eye-opener into the intrusive measures of the state police.

In brief, the London-based Northern Alliance was a discussion group for politics and social reform for a bunch of friends. From late 1997 to early 1999, the group met regularly at various pubs to discuss the topics of the day, which usually focused on euro-centric themes such as anti-German sentiment in Canada, immigration, and WWII. Raphael Bergmann was the unofficial facilitator that brought together this group of friends to share ideas and to become more enlightened.

Since early 1999, the Northern Alliance held no regular meetings and was, functionally, no longer in existence.

In the summers of 1998 and 1999, Raphael Bergmann organized Straight Pride walks in downtown London to celebrate life, family, and freedom. Rapheal declares that these walks were a way to show that people in London were committed to “building families.” These walks were unrelated to the Northern Alliance.

On November 1, 1999, Raphael received a letter from the London City Police signed by Detective Superintendent Dave Lucio. This letter stated:

The London Police Service has identified you and several others as members of the Northern Alliance, and organisation which holds extreme right wing beliefs. As an identified member, we require you to attend London Police Headquarters… on Sunday, November 21, 1999, at 2:00 p.m.

This meeting, as identified by the police department, had the purpose of allowing the supposed members of the group express their views before the police went public with their information.

In an interview with the London Free Press, an investigator referred to the Northern Alliance, “urban terrorists,” and that they (as an organization) recruit members and is potentially violent to the minority groups is has targeted.

Lucio said, as reported by the LFP: “If you’re someone that they hate. I would suggest that they are a significant threat to you. These people are basically urban terrorists.”

Raphael, as a result of a loss of income due to the publicity by the London City Police, has served notice for legal action (i.e. civil proceedings for defamation and damage resulting from articles published). Representing Raphael is Barbara Kulaszka, of Brighton, Ontario, who had represented Ernst Zundel is a number of cases with Doug Christie.

Obviously, London City Police has made a huge mistake and has under-estimated the resilience of Raphael. Now, they are going to have to pay the price for intrusive acts and defamatory remarks.

It is my belief that the police department has acted outside of their mandate and (basically) moved against a group, and specifically Raphael, for discussing, and perhaps believing in, a political system that is not popular with the status quo. The police have acted without due cause and likely for reasons of self-efficacy (to create a media groundswell legitimising an increased budget) or external lobbying by pressure groups.

Where is freedom and democracy? Well, it’s not in London. The police department has gone out of its way to make an example of a group that has never been charged with a criminal offence and, in no uncertain terms, equates the Northern Alliance with a motorcycle gang.

“Requiring” the supposed members of the Northern Alliance to attend a meeting is tantamount to political thought police. This is an example of blatant police harassment of a political and social organization, and the police department has infringed upon the civil rights of the individuals identified by demanding that they attend the police HQ without a criminal charge or being under investigation of any sort.

The leftists cry about political persecution in far-off countries where leaders of minority groups are imprisoned without charged for espousing a certain political or social ideology. But, where are they now? Are they going to come to the aid of the members of the Northern Alliance?

Hypocrisy has no place in a nation described a “strong and free.” Our nation prides itself on tolerance, democracy and engendering an environment for free thought and association – but these rights are exclusive to those who now how to play the political game, and who can afford it. The infringement of rights in London, Ontario, is indicative of the lack of will by the powers-that-be and an example that the police service existing to do the bidding of specialized lobby groups.

Matt Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre.  He posed as a person against anti-white government policies in an attempt to spy on and misdirect Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada.  He failed.  

Matt Lauder suggested that Nationalist groups in Canada "become more radical".  We on the Freedom-Site have always known Matt was not to be trusted,  and we posted his articles to show his "anti-racist" buddies just what he was up to.

The Strange Case of Matt Lauder by Marc Lemire


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