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Written by: "Anti-Racist" Agitator, Spy and  Informant Matt Lauder

Hereís a bit of news that I found interesting, It represents the continuation of the de-sanctification of Western culture. I recall a few months ago, some moron in Ottawa changing the words to The Maple Leaf Forever, a time-honoured song, so it would be more inclusive. In changing the words, the guy changed the meaning of the song, altering all that it represents. The same is happening to society as a whole, and we are seeing it in piece-meal here.


The United Church of Canada has sided with he Canadian Jewish Congress that the Ontario Legislature and the municipal councils should not recite the Lordís Prayer.

Bonnie Greene, director of the UCC denominationís division, stated ďI certainly donít want some unbelieving member of the legislature saying my prayer or a Jewish prayer hypocritically.Ē

The Ontario division of the Canadian Jewish Congress has demanded that the provincial government cease using the Lordís Prayer in order to comply with a recent Ontario Court of Appeal ruling.

The Congress also warned municipal governments in Renfew, Petawawa, Carleton Place, that they must abide by the ruling, because it infringes upon the rights of non-Christians.

Greene argues that the change is necessary because it is not good to recite the Christian prayer without meaning it.

Matt Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre.  He posed as a person against anti-white government policies in an attempt to spy on and misdirect Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada.  He failed.  

Matt Lauder suggested that Nationalist groups in Canada "become more radical".  We on the Freedom-Site have always known Matt was not to be trusted,  and we posted his articles to show his "anti-racist" buddies just what he was up to.

The Strange Case of Matt Lauder by Marc Lemire


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