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Matthew Lauder The Collins Column
Matthew  Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and
District Multicultural Centre
.  He posed as a person against anti-white government policies in an attempt to spy on and misdirect Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada.  He failed.   Below are a collection of his writings he submitted for publication on the Freedom-Site. 
AK18: Police use Scare Tactics to Thwart Protestors
AK17: STRAIGHTMAN is a Straight Shooter!
AK16: The LIE of the Media: HF and media lies
AK15: Neo-Marxist Protest doing Right-wing a Favour
AK14: Survivor Lawsuits and Stowaways
AK13: Northern Alliance & London City Police
AK12: Immigration poll, Oberlander Update and WP CDs
AK11: LORD'S PRAYER is Outed
AK10: Ontario Students and Nationalism
AK9: Freedom and Dignity - The Oberlander and Bergmann Cases
AK8: Toy Gun Seizures, RCMP Intrusiveness and Big Brother
AK7: Goverment Instrusiveness and NWO
AK5: Oberlander and Police Information Series
AK4: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Information Series - Part 4
AK3: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Information Series - Part 3
AK2: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Information Series - Part 2
AK1: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Information Series - Part 1
-- 2001 Columns --
Aug 12: Here we go again! (Counting the lies)
Aug 10: Sgt. Pepper for Ever!
July 31: A Final Solution? (Mary-Woos' Woes)
July 22: The Politics of Appeasement
July 13: A Jog Around Absurdistan
July 3: Justice.  Of a Sort  (Indians receiving special treatment)
June 25: A Word in favour of Extremism
June 18: Aid for Aids, etc
June 10: Don't Mention the War!
June 5: When Libel Ain't Libel (Malcolm Ross)
May 29: The Creed of the Multicultists
May 15: England their England
May 6: Michael Coren: Facts and Fables
April 26: On Being Conrad Black
April 14: Never Forgive, Never Forget
April 4: Freedom is as Freedom Doesn't
March 29: Got a Light, Anyone?
March 17: On Soldierettes and Subs
March 9: On Deaths in the Media and "Anti-Semitism"
Feb 28: Afghanistan and the Wayward Press
Feb 19: No Laughs Please.  This is Vancouver
Feb 9: On Rights and Blights
Jan 12: A Matter of Justice
Jan 10: Decline and Fall of the West
-- 2000 Columns --
Dec 17: Being a Christmas Carol on Caplan & Co.
Nov 28: Election 2000 - The Beauty of Hypocrisy
Nov 10: Human Rights and the New Religion
Oct 30: Immigration and the Election
Oct 20: Betrayal and Deceit
Oct 10: Madness is as Madness does
Sept 26: God Yes, Holocaust NO! (Roger Garaudy affair)
Sept 12: On Mao, Castro, And Trudeau
Sept 1: Extremely Normal (Stockwell Day vs. Rights Maniacs)
Aug 25: The Wrong of Rights (Human Rights Commissions out of control)
Aug 20: On Herb, Preston and the Wayward Press
July 31: Kinsellaís Kookpot - [Warren (The LIAR) Kinsella]
July 21: An Eye for An Eye (Jewish Revenge on Germans)
July 8: About Having a Nice Day (Preston Manning, liar and hypocrite)
July 2: Where Are They Now? (Zimbabwe situation)
June 7: On Prince George and Dumb George
May 26: Letter To An Unknown Soldier
May 22: Tits and Tats
May 10: Milquetoasts, Malcontents and the Zeitgeist
April 27: The Irving Trial
April 12: Thoughts on the Homintern
March 19: Canada's multicult mayhem
March 7: The Irving Holocaust Trial
March 1: Sikh Power triumphs in B.C. Race
Feb 23: Joerg Haider
Feb 16: The Hate Industry has lost one. [Ftcnet Controversy]
Feb 11: Dosanjh & his Censorship Agenda
Feb 4: When is racism not racism?


Vox Populi

-- 2001 Columns --
Jan, 1: Out with the Old, In with the New
Jan, 1: Democracy?  Only when it's good for the Government
Jan, 1: Ottawa is Dangerous
Jan, 1: Eat my Shorts, Ontario
Jan, 1: No Sense of Proportion
Promajority J. Philippe Rushton
- Mixed Agendas?
- The Latest In Holocaust Mania
- A Description And Analysis Of The Movie "American History X"
- A Description And Analysis Of The Movie "White Lies"
- The "New World Order"
- A Tale of Two "Genocides"
- Sensitivity Training for Hockey Player
J. Philippe Rushton is a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow and a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario in London. 
John Ball

Christopher Saunders

Author and Geologist.
New Evidence Shows St. Johnís Mount Cashel Sex-Abuse Did Not Occur!
-Former Sysop of Politically Incorrect BBS in Toronto
Electronic Money is Bogus Money!
PELO Joe Lockhart
Controversial writer with interesting insight.
- What Do They Want?
- Who's Harrassing Whom?
- On Palestine
Former Publisher of the Trumpet of Truth magazine.
- Freedom of Religion is DEAD in Canada!
- A forest Fire Comes Your Way
- Hypocrites in the media. Is the only hate White hate?
- Why is the emotion of HATE worse than the rest?

Philip Belgrave

Samuel J. Owens

Why Christians should oppose the War on Serbia.

National Post rant by Warren Kinsella on the Freedom-Site surrounding an article we posted on War in Serbia.


Kevin Alfred Strom

Gerry Lincoln

Kevin Alfred Strom was the former host of a  radio show for the National Alliance called "American Dissident Voices"
AIDS SECRETS: What the Government and the Media Don't Want You to Know
- Introduction to Keepin' It Real
- The ALIEN Has Landed!
- Plastic Nationalism
- Uh! Oh! they're ba-ack! (Heritage Front)

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