Ms. White,
Executive Director
Trillium Foundation
21 Bedford Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2J9
FAX: 416-961-9599

CC: Ontario Politicians and Toronto Media


Dear Ms. White,

I am writing to you regarding the Trillium Foundation giving an $8,000 grant to a group known as "Anti-Racist Action", or "ARA." The grant will be used to fund a two-day "Anti-Facist Co-ordinating Conference", to be held from June 22nd to June 23rd at Harbord Collegiate Institute.

My objection to the ARA receiving funding from the Trillium Foundation is the fact that it has repeatedly used violence and terrorism to further its cause.

In June, 1993, Anti-Racist Action members stormed the East Toronto home of a Heritage Front supporter. They threw various projectiles at the house, including human excrement. Their attack caused substantial damage to the property, including smashed windows.

On December 9th, 1995, about two dozen ARA members interrupted a private dinner meeting that was being sponsored by Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform, at the Europe Restaurant in downtown Toronto. Ignoring repeated requests to leave, they spat on the owner and on several people attending the function. They also threw cream at items on a book table and assaulted an elderly lady.

On their Internet world wide web site (, they boast of having shut down the meeting. I include the entire text from their website. It has been reformatted for this letter, but the text has not been changed:

I want to make it clear to you that I do not object to the ARA having their conference. Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees them the right to freedom of speech, and the right of peaceful assembly. I do, however, strongly object to the ARA's conference being funded by an organization that is connected with the Ontario government, considering their violent history.

During our telephone conversation on June 21st, you told me that you felt that the conference was a "worthy cause", and that the Anti-Racist Action has never been convicted of a crime. Despite this fact, their violent activities have been thoroughly documented; I have provided you with three examples of their violent nature. The fact that they have never been convicted of a crime does not mean that they are not guilty. It means that our justice system is biased and corrupt.

I believe that the Trillium Foundation used poor judgement when it decided to give the Anti-Racist Action an $8,000 grant. By funding the Anti-Racist Action, the Trillium Foundation is condoning their violent activities. Whenever the ARA commits illegal acts in the future, I intend to remind everyone that this violent terrorist group was funded by the Trillium Foundation.

Yours truly,

Christopher Saunders

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