Vote NO to the ARA

I am writing you today to urge you to vote NO on the upcoming vote on regarding a grant to the Anti-Racist Action group of $18,000.

Anti-Racist Action has for the past few years been a very violent and destructive part of the "Anti-Racist" movement. ARA's violence and complete disregard for the law has made even long time Left-wing praising journalists like Rosie DiManno from the Toronto Star come out and write "Racism's enemies going about things in divisive way". She starts off her article by saying "Racism BAD, Anti-Racism WORSE" (Toronto Star Nov 28, 1994 Pg A7).

I would like you to know who the ARA is before you vote yes or no to their funding proposal.

The ARA started back in the summer of 1992. There first public march was in the fall of 1992 when they confronted the Heritage Front at the Roma Restorante in Toronto's west end. During that protest they throw eggs, paint and terrorized Heritage Front members as they walked out of the Roma by order of the police department.

ARA's 2 most violent protests The most violent protest the ARA has done was against Gary Schippers rented house. They converged on his house on June 11, 1993 and threw rocks, human fecies, paint, firecrackers and an assortment of other material. During the 10 minute melee they caused an estimated $50,000 dollars damage to Mr. Schippers property and completely ruined Mr. Schippers bedroom and personal belonging by throwing paint on them. While the ARA was in the area they paraded around with cut-out faces of Mr. Schipper and placed orange stickers proclaiming Schipper was a Nazi and gave his picture and address. The next day the Toronto Star ran an article entitled "Anti-Racist mob trashed home". (Toronto Star June 12, 1993)

The second most violent protest done by the ARA was during a court appearance of the Heritage Front in a downtown Toronto courthouse. (Jan 25, 1993) Mr. Droege the leader of the Heritage Front was ordered to attend a Human Rights hearing and was compelled to attend. Mr. Droege and members of the Heritage Front gathered on the corner of Queen and Bay. Police officers formed a protective ring around Droege and others and escorted them into the courthouse. ARA members threw batteries, rocks, human fecies, and provoked physical confrontation with members of the Heritage Front by spitting on them as they passed through the court house halls.

I ask you as a citizen of the finest city in the world..... do we really want to support violent groups that do nothing to further the Anti-Racist agenda in the city?


We are including as a public service some of the pertinent articles and flyers which show the ARA to be a violent and terrorist group.


Thank you

Marc Lemire