The Sunday Sun, February 5, 1995.  Page 5.


Anti-racists mob 3

Toronto Sun

    A case of  mistaken  identity  has  resulted  in  a man being
charged with attempted murder after a brawl involved  18  heavily
armed members of an anti-racist group.

    Police  say  a  brawl at Kennedy subway station started after
the  anti-racists  bean  "harassing,  taunting  and intimidating"
three men whom they mistakenly identified as Neo-Nazis.

    One of the three was  charged  with  attempted  murder  after
severing  the jugular vein of an anti-racist who had hit him over
the head with a steel pipe, police say.

    Three people were stabbed in  the brawl, which police say was
started by the anti-racists.

    "There's no doubt in my mind  tese  ARA  (Anti-Racism  Action
members)  were  out looking for trouble..  And they found it, but
with the wrong people," Det. Wayne King said.

    A second man,  19,  faces  three  assault and weapons-related
charges after another alleged ARA member was knifed, King said.

    he  said the anti-racists believed the three youths were Neo-
Nazis because the were  wearing  higgh-top  Doc Martens boots and
army-style pants.

    But, King said, the anti-racist group - two  of  three  women
and the rest men - were wrong.

    Jugular cut

    "I  would  suggest the three youths are as much a victim here
as the young lad sitting in  hospital with his jugular cut," King

    "Just because they dressed  in  a  certain  manner  they  got
beaten.  It doesn't make sense."

    "I  feel  it was initiated and instigated by these ARA," King

    Two in the group of three were arrested because they made the
"actual first assault" in the 2 a.m. brawl, King said.

    Police said a 22-year-old Scarboro  man has been charged with
attempted murder after a man believed to be a  supporter  of  the
ARA  was  stabbed three times in the abdomen and once in each his
shoulder an neck, severing his jugular vein.

    John  Johannesen,  19,  of   Toronto,  is  listed  in  stable
condition at Scarboro General hospital.

    Eion Callan, 22, of Scarboro, required four stitches to close
a gash to his left cheek.

    King said charges are pending against members of the ARA.

    Adrian Kaddie, 22, of Weir Cres.,  in  Scarboro,  is  charged
with   having  dangerous  weapons,  assault  with  a  weapon  and
aggravated assault.