ARA bosting they break into the Heritage Front's hotline


One white, one right...

"Two Worlds"

by J. Alexander Ferron

    To be black and keep some semblance of sanity in Toronto, one
lives and acts in two  worlds.   One  makes  sure not to talk too
fast or too loose in the white world.  One makes sure to be  that
"nicest  black  person  I know."  One quickly changes the subject
when talk slips to racism  and  police and imigration [sic].  One
remembers that old adagel never talk about religion and  politics
with strangers.

    In  the comfort of one's home, or one's barber shop, or one's
after-hours domino club, guises are shed.  Careful talk about law
and order are quickly replaced  by rants against "Babylon" in the
black world.  Natural voices condemn the casual  racists  at  the
office, at the bus station, at  the  factory.  This is a side the
white world can never see.

    A black man grows up and can never escape the title  of  boy.
A  black  man  grows  up  to receive a baccalauratea and is still
asked if he can understand  English  by a Toronto Sun-reading bus
driver.  Kids throw rocks and hold placards.   Kids  show  anger,
adults  keep  it  in, knowing better, knowing there are mortgages
and food, and knowing forced loyalty to one colour - green.

    I see a black man  in  a  suit.   TO the white world he seems
concerned.  He  condemns  violence  and  rioters  and  thugs  and
hooligans.   I  see  a  different  face.   The  man's  eyes  show
jubilation,  admiration.  I can see the mask, the mask that falls
in the barber shop when  the  man speaks of too much "ism-schism"
in Toronto.  Too many false smiles and  long  knives.   Too  many

    We  can  all  sing  now.   We  can  sing the name of studies.
Equality Now. Who  Gets  the  Work?   And  on.   And on.  The man
rolls down his window and yells "nigger."  I have  been  studious
long  enough.   The  liberal-left,  bleeding-heart,  politically-
correct  media  does  not need to tell me I should be angry.  One
needs no justification. In any world.

    Kudos  to  the  persistent  hacker  who  sabotaged  the white
supremacist Heritage Front Hateline by breaking the Front's three
digit answering machine code and substituting another message.

    Callers expecting a white  power  message  this  Mayday  were
instead  greeted  by  "This  is  the disgustingly racist Heritage
Front.  As we all know, justice was not done, repeat, justice was
not done in the Rodney King  verdict.  We all know the four white
cops are guilty."  The message continued, urging protesters in LA
to avoid burning down their  own  neighbourhoods  and  burn  down
cushy  white SimiValley instead.  Additionally, callers were told
"The KKK is alive  and  well  ans  wearing three-piece suits" and
advised not to leave their name and number at  the  beep  as  the
line is monitored by Metro Police.

    So  if  you're  an experienced hacker or just an amateur, why
not turn your talents to hacking  the Hateline?  Why wait for the
Human Rights Commission to put it out of commission when  we  can
do it ourselves?!  (They're in the phone book)